Apr 26, 2006

Creatives are from Venus/ Account Execs are from Mars

True, this is an account exec bash friendly blog. Then again, this is a site written by creatives who actually have to live through the things we write about. None of this is fiction although it is borderline comedy most times. But time and time again we butt heads and simply put, it’s because we’re different creatures focused on different things, with different objectives and different opinions of what a client wants and needs.

Why is this a blog topic? Well simply because it’s true and in between bashings some empathy should be shown by our part so any exec willing to read this blog can appreciate that even if we often times hate your guts, we care… REALLY deep down, we care.

So then what’s the problem? Where do most conflicts stem from and is there any way we can better our relationships? In all honesty, no, because no matter what, we’re ad people and drama is not only second nature to us, but a way of life. If we didn’t hate this job so much at times, we wouldn’t remember that it’s a job. If we don’t have conflict from time to time, we don’t get the succulent motive of proving someone wrong to do a job as best as we can. But again, is there a root of all advertising evil? Well not really, but I know where many of the problems start and it is contained in one of the most annoying epithets to have ever been imposed on us: “The client is always right”. Account execs, for the most part, defend this fucking phrase like some knight slaying dragons in the name of this fucking credo etched on their departmental crest. On its counterpart, Creatives rarely think the client is always right because after all, we should be the experts telling you what’s best for your company looking at things from a supposedly objective standpoint and hey, client's are overpaid dipshits with capital and in the lst instance, they have the say not us.

So there it is born, the seed of hatred we all water with our bullshit opinions. And who is right? Well to be honest, everyone and no one is right because some clients do actually know what’s best for their business and use advertising as an aid to achieve more success while others see advertising as a necessary evil, which it sometimes actually is, and are simply content to rape any and every layout to the point where it becomes an art they could have pulled off.

So will we ever get along? Probably not. It’s too fun to hate each other and then we wouldn’t have nearly as much inspiration to write a blog or fifty about stuff that happens in Advertising. It also wouldn’t be as fun in a happy happy world, or maybe it would, but with assholes like the execs I’ve worked with, that hardly seems possible.


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