Aug 21, 2012

Guilty Pleasures volume 4: Mega Force

With more spandex than Liberace’s closet, worse lines than a bumbling acne ridden teen and hair more feathered than Bon Jovi’s pubes, it’s Mega Force. Its stars? Barry Bostwick and Michael Beck.

Ok, barring the fact that this is yet another movie where we have one of the leads go to Michael Beck, I can’t help but say that the concept behind this movie is pretty neat in an 80’s kind of way. Top secret military strike force sent to do dirty jobs and be all heroic and shit. If you need a title based description, think GI JOE meets M.A.S.K. and all with lasers and stuff. Better yet, think Delta Force for Disney Kids.

The hero of this movie, our dear Ace Hunter is a cocky blue eyed dirty blonde whose male camel toeing throughout the entire movie. Seriously, the only other times you could see more meat packed uncomfortably would be at a ballet or maybe a local sausage linker…. Wow that sounded dirty.

Anyways, he falls in love with a middle eastern agent would be babe that’s cooperating with US intelligence to thwart the evil doers that would threaten freedom. I swear, you’ll be surprised Cobra Commander and Sgt. Slaughter don’t make appearances. What ensues is a trite and phantasmagorical plot including various explosions, no casualties and all the violent gadgets any twisted eight year old could want.

Special effects range from “WTF” to “geez that sucks” having the two high points be the skydiving sequence and the rocket cycle sequence, both equally priceless for their particularly poignant cheesiness. Other highlights include when the cars are invisible, when they are camouflaged, and when each and every vehicle is fleeing and throwing smoke trails to throw off the enemy after they just got served.

Trust me, there’s laughs, tears (from laughing at how bad it is), anger (at how bad it is) and more cheese than your local Kraft factory. So don’t miss out on another shit fest I can’t help but love if only for nostalgic reasons.


Originally posted on 11/6/06


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