Aug 28, 2007

I got a fever. And the only cure is...

Nah. Screw the cowbell. It's PerezHilton. And I need help. Ok, ok. I'm kidding. But still, this blog has me hooked. I love my Hollywood gossip, and much more so if it comes loaded with extreme sarcasm and penis drawings. (Um, don't know what I'm talking about? Click at the name of the post)

Look, if you want to get your ugly gossip on, better than anywhere else, Perez is the guy to give it to you. Screw all the nice and tender Hollywood reports, at PerezHilton you get all the "celebrity juice" (as he calls it), right as it's happening. He's currently breaking number of unique visits to his website every day, (in the millions) has many celebrities hooked as well (Even darling Shia LaBeouf reported he just can't get enough of it)... I think it's our need to know every single ugly detail from people with much more money than we have, or maybe it's the fact that you honestly don't know how far Perez will go.

Bored out of your mind at the office and saw all the stupid videos featured on YouTube. Ask the cuban gay dude what he has for you that day. In no time... you'll be asking for help... or enjoying your addiction.

You be the judge. Enjoy.


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