Aug 19, 2007

A loud gasp.

That's the sound that I made yesterday when I heard the awful news. In fact, I was down right offended. What, pray tell, made me lose it? They are remaking Private Benjamin, with (I find it hard to write this)... Jessica Simpson.

Private Benjamin was one of my all time loved movies from when I was a child. Goldie Hawn nailed it perfectly, along with Eileen Brennan (talk about the perfect bitch part). That kind of comedy was one word: brilliant. The timing was perfect, those two actresses had such a chemistry that no one can imitate. God. I can even remember my mommy taking me to the movies to see that flick. Just the two of us, a bucket of pop corn... laughs galore.

I have no problem with people remaking films. I have seen a couple of those kinds of films and most of them I have enjoyed. But... Jessica "Dumb Blonde" Simpson? Are you kidding me?

With all the great ad people who read this blog, I started wondering. Would we all unite to make an ad campaign to stop this madness? I can see it now, all over the internet. Stop the Simpson-Benjamin remake!!! A woman that can't determine if she's eating tuna or chicken, redo a perfect role?



Woody Hinkle said...

A campaign to stop anybody from inflicting Jessica Simpson on a trusting, but unsuspecting public? I'm in.

Me said...

I got one volunteer!!! Yes!!! Who else??? COME ON!

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