Aug 13, 2007

Principles of Marketing 101: New revised Client/CEO version

  • When you pay thousands of dollars for a print ad in a newspaper or magazine, you better fill up as much space as possible with info. What’s the point of so much white space?

  • If the ad needs to be at the newspaper by 4:00pm, changes and approval can be made until 3:59pm. Only pussies need time to produce.

  • He who makes $25K more than you means they also know more about art direction, film, post-production, and writing than you do.

  • Meetings can always be cancelled and/or rescheduled. Tee-times cannot! These are sacred.

  • There isn’t enough budget to cover a $300 stock photo, but there are $3,000 available for a “charity gala.”

  • Only the client’s comments and insights are valid.

  • You will not be told of a new business presentation until at most 48 hours until the date of presentation. Chances are this notification will be on a Friday, so that you may spend the weekend “brainstorming.”

  • PowerPoint presentations can be recycled and reused for just about any client from any industry.

  • Your idea can always be improved.


Kelly said...

oh so true. their little world is always centered around themselves!

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