Aug 27, 2007

That's Wacko, Jacko.

A weird thing happened to me on Friday. I was waiting in line in a store, which had a huge plasma screen. Playing, at full volume, was the DVD of Michael Jackson's videos. I think it's called Legacy or some other bullshit I won't even check to make sure it's right. All the people are looking to the screen. No reaction from me, 'cause I have lived my initial MJ thing fan shit, denied listening to him when "Bad" came out... and proceeded to ignore him until... um, that Friday?

Anyway. I'm there, kind of testing my patience and I am watching the people on the line as well. There are about 20 people. Most of them don't have more than 23 years old, give or take. I glance upon the screen. And now... Thriller. What happened next shook me. It was disturbing, for a lack of a better word. For me.

Right next to me there was a guy that was 19 or 20 years old. A baby. So... there is a part on the video that a zombie drools out black blood. He actually was astonished at this part and gasped. I reaized something drastic.


Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus. What? Where do you live? Who didn't move the rock? You haven't seen MJ? WHAT? What's wrong with you? They have no excuse. Hey, granted. This child mol... I mean, star, has made his unwanted mark on new generations. He likes them young, and male... allegedly. He has destroyed all the good things that once we enjoyed, when we were very little and naive. Think about it. When you wanted to put on that white glove, trying to Beat it (no sexual pun here, and yes, I know I have a golden opportunity here to make Joker style fun) you didn't imagine that one day he would transform from a black, talented guy into a white, frail woman. I sure didn't.

But still, if we give kudos to The Beatles, Elvis, Nirvana and even... dare I mention... Madonna, then dammit, this frail white woman deserves our respect, even if it is for past achievements. I just can't fathom that some young dude out there has not enjoyed the glory that that man once was. Shit. It should be fucking mandatory. You will not graduate from High School unless you have heard and watched at least Beat it, Thriller... um... fuck it, those two videos. (Can't remember any more) To get your University Diploma, you have to learn and sing, perfectly, Billy Jean, and my all time favorite from this weird as hell man, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough.

Masters Degree? Fuck the wacko. You have to know all Price songs by heart. And love him much more, 'cause he rules. Dammit.

Dig if you will the picture...


°flo said...

Wow! In the picture he almost looks like he does today. Almost there, Michael!

RestrictionsApply said...

... of you and I engaged in a kiss...

I have a 17 year-old daughter and I go through this everyday. It still amazes me to think that someone just doesn’t “get” a lot of stuff I take for granted. How is it possible that this person doesn’t understand the greatness of Duran Duran, Queen, Michael Jackson, etc.? Even basic shit, like the Rubik’s Cube, 45s, Atari, and landmark cartoons like G.I. Joe, He-Man, etc…. She just doesn’t make the connection. She didn’t understand why I gooed myself when the Transformers movie came out. Of course not, she was born in 1990!!! That’s like yesterday to me.

There’s a history factor that’s at work here, or perhaps the lack thereof. At least people of my generation appreciate stuff from our parent’s generation: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, Hendrix, etc. But these kids today, my goodness. They’re totally out of touch.

It freaks me out to think that my daughter cannot fathom a world with only six TV channels. She’s only seen a rotary dial phone in the movies. And let’s not even get into what’s to come for my five year-old. I’m making sure she gets her healthy dose of Prince jams on a daily basis.

Me said...

Dude. It happens a lot. My best friend (the other little one) asked me one night "Who sang that?" when a cover band was playing a tune of Journey. JOURNEY! Fucking Steve Perry, Separate Ways!


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