Aug 5, 2007

Won't you take me to Boobytown: My adventures at a private stripping party.

This last Friday can be summed in one word: interesting. Get ready, guys and gals. I got invited this past Friday to attend a private srip party... and I'm dying to tell you what happened. Let's give you the brief.

A friend of a friend calls. Tell Me that she has to go to the stip party. Um. Ok. Why? Let's just say I got a surprise for her. Um, ok. So they tell me I have to go. Um. Sure.

Hey. I have no problems with anything sexual or "porn" related, but it's not like I plan my weekends around seeing boobs. My sex ed has come from sources like Playboy (which my ex-husband collected like Star Wars fans collect Han Solo's), the HBO series Cathouse (a must see for any chick who wants to actually learn stuff from pro's), a little late night Cinemax and loads of books on the female human body. That's it. In other words, I am not an avid porn watcher. Never have, think that never will.

But I thought. Hey. You can either go to see a movie or hit a bar... or you can do something different. Maybe I could learn something, right? So? I went. I am soooo glad I did. Let me explain why.

First of all, I thought it was going to be a mess. Guys would be all drunk, trying to grab those poor chicks dancing on a pole. I thought that the girls would all be skanky ho's, with no class or self respect. I thought that I would see a show which demeans women and exploits sex in its finest form. I was soooooo mistaken, you can't even begin to understand how so.

The show was simply amazing. I learned a lot. Let me start off by saying that those girls have amazing body strength. The fact that they can hold their bodies on a metal pole and hoist themselves on any position that can make yoga a walk in the park, for me was amazing. No average chick can do that without some serious exercise and training, I guarantee that. So, the first thing that struck me was... those girls have amazing power. Good. Point one for the strippers. Let's continue.

Second thing that hits me. My idea of a beautiful, well formed body is a thing to be questioned. (Ok Joker, I have body issues, I know... hehehe) Here I thought I was going to see picture perfect women. Perfect boobs. Perfect muscles. No cellulite, flat tummies. Perfect butt. Not so. I was expecting abs. Not one pack in sight. Those were normal women. Normal boobs. Almost flat stomachs. A jiggle there. Imperfections. What struck me the most was the fact that while I was seeing a little tummy there, or a huge thigh over there, the men were saying that those women were beautiful.

What made a mark in me was the fact that I was seeing the "flaws" I hate in my own body, fully appreciated by hundred of men all around me. While I starve to death and make weird concoctions to not eat as much to try to fix my little pot belly, as my loving Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction calls it, or to make my ass look smaller, those women were dancing their ho' shoes off, damn proud of their small imperfections. I understood one thing. I look like those girls dancing. If they are beautiful, then I am as well. I finally understood that there is a difference between fat and normal looking, not thin or waif. Men like healthy, fit bodies. And fit is not extremely thin, does not require abs or muscles. Just the right lines and curves. Amazing to me.

But wait, there is more. Third thing that made me go hmmm. This is a celebration of the beauty of a woman and sexuality. As a boob carrier I sat down and I didn't feel for a minute that those girls were degrading themselves for a quick buck. This is a business. The business of fantasy, beauty and most of all, appreciation. As I sat there and saw their faces and the way they moved, I felt their empowerment. They were damn proud of their effect on men, they were embracing their sexuality with freedom. How many times I have seen women trying to conform themselves to society while not being themselves. With every movement there were saying... it's ok to be sexual, it's ok to enjoy the pleasures that life gives us.

Are you ready for the prize winner? The main attraction was a porn star. Very well known. For what? She is known to be the filthiest porn star to this generation of porn lovers. There go the misconceptions again in my mind. This girl is going to be a down right slut. She's going to be loud, obnoxious, she will try to screw anything in sight. Not so, again. Talk about a damn beautiful performance. Talk about class and dignity. She gave those guys the time of their lifes. Um. Ok, she took off enough to make me think I had seen her liver. Yes, fully naked. But again, a what I thought was going to be porn at its finest turned out to be a very classy act. This was all a story on a small stage. She took them in a wild ride. And at the end, when all was finished, she simply stood up, gave a small curtsy, put on a robe and proceeded to talk and greet every single man that was in the joint.

I don't presume that all strip parties are like that. I know for a fact that there are women out there who will screw a horse if the money is right. But for one night, I was damn proud of being a woman, about the fact that I don't have any reservations about sex or sexuality and that I have a open mind to see the beauty of this kind of show.

Oh. The surprise? They had made a section of the show with a male stripper I like. Just for me.

Jesus loves me.


joker said...

I'm so glad you got the chance to see that. It's exactly what some of us try to tell women. We DON'T like the Nichole Ritchie Look. We DON'T like Paris Hilton's look, well those of us that don't really want to be gold diggers, though I know some people mad crazy for that skinny ass billionaire and she does zero for me. Oh well. Viva les imperfections luv. Glad you some some meetage flying and got to hear guys' reactions and also got some sausage flicking for your own pleasure. ;)

Cheers to pinches off fat, strong women and Me getting a show of counterclowkwise love.

RestrictionsApply said...

Totally agree. What's the point of a bone with no meat? It's funny how women critic each other so harshly. I guess it's true that women diet/dress/do plastic surgery to impress one another, not men.

RestrictionsApply said...

Totally agree. What's the point of a bone with no meat? It's funny how women critic each other so harshly. I guess it's true that women diet/dress/do plastic surgery to impress one another, not men.

Lucila said...

Oh my God!!!! Yes!!! ME!!! We are so drowned on images concocted by some lonely people in the hollywood and ad industries that we have been fooled to believe in them.

Like Joker said, Viva les Imperfections!!!

RestrictionsApply said...

Need evidence? Check out popular songs like Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls", or Mika's "Big Girls", or Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back". In fact, check out any hip-hop video.

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