Aug 2, 2007

You haven't lived life until you have seen: Riky-Oh!

I am an avid Digg user. Instead of reading my local newspaper, I click my way to Digg almost 10 times a day and get my info there. I find gems. Gems, I tell you. For those of you who are lost in space and don't know about Digg, it is a site where users provide content on a daily basis. You can find everything under the sun. Video clips, movie announcements, US and International News, Tech Stuff... (Hence the Digg box at the right, to let you join in the fun). Then, after a week has gone by, you get to watch Diggnation (suscribe at your iTunes store) to see what made it to the top stories. Great podcast. So... one day with nothing to do, I find this digg about this movie. Click. Click. Holy Shit!!!!!!

I found it so damn funny I immediately posted a sort of Riky-Oh clips here at WAS. We laughed so hard at the office, watching again and again, that, well, curiosity killed the cat. My partner in crime started telling me that we should buy the movie and see it in its full glory.

A couple of months later, I decided to give him the movie as a gift for his birthday. Blood, gore, true violence and really ugly bad acting. What you want, I deliver. Look. I saw it. I sat down and watched it, every second of it. As God is my witness, this is the single most funniest dark cult classic you will ever see.

Riky-Oh, or the Story of Ricky, is the great tale about a man who goes to jail for the wrong reasons and finds himself in the crappiest, most corrupt jails this world has ever seen. Take Abu Ghraib and multiply that a thousand times worst. But the weird thing is... Riky has an amazing gift. He was trained to develop what seems to be an inmense power. He is the strongest man to walk the earth. He can rip your guts out - um, literally - if you piss him off. Riky has to defend himself from the goons of the jail... and does he ever.

The film has some great gems, like when you see a man crushing another man's head, full force. Or when he rips the guts out of a man, and the victim proceeds to try to choke him with his intestines. Gem, I tell you. Gem.

The best part is the bad acting, really bad music, extremely stupid special effects... and the great fact that the movie is dubbed in english but the subtitles don't match a single word that is spoken. You sit there, laughing until you cry.

How can you find it? Forget about your local video store. Go to Amazon and buy a copy. But, a word of advice... this is not for those who use "cinema" and "academy award winner" as a motto in life. This movie is for the few of us who love stupid movies, loaded witn unusual gore and violence. Think John Rambo or Robocop. That might give you a hint of what's to come.

If you want to see a couple of great moments of this flick, head to YouTube and search for the Story of Ricky.



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