Sep 20, 2007

Holy SHIT!!! Must See!!! UPDATED

I posted this video earlier in the day. After a few rounds of beers, I find myself watching again, with a clear mind (nah, I'm not drunk, just if you find a typo, blame it on Heineken Light, please.)

At first you think, subliminal advertising, right? Much more deep in my book. This would be my theory if I was to write a paper on why advertising people SHOULD NOT read Communication Arts, Archive or whatever ad magazine tingles your left testicle, right before they start on working on an ad campaign.

It happens almost every day. You get this huge campaign and... what do you see? Loads of people reaching out to the Ad Agency library of those types of magazines. I've seen cocky dudes tell me... I'm just reading to see what has already been done. Bullshit. Even if you try to block it from your memory, you get contaminated. Period. The ideas will get stuck in your brain and eventually you will do something quite like that 90's ad you saw years ago. What gives?

The part that kills me is to see award winning ads that suddenly remind you of something you saw... but you can't pinpoint it. Then, if you get to remember it and you tell, you become the asshole who "outed" the creative team because you are... ready for this? Jealous. Lord. Kill. Me.

I decided years ago that I would never, ever read those magazines ever again. I respect the fact that those are great magazines and that maybe, just maybe, you see the tendencies and design styles of current years. But... I don't know about you, but I prefer to do a crappy ad, loaded with stupid client revisions, rather to do a copy of a copy of a copy of an old ad.

So there. Watch again and see if I have a point... or if I'm too drunk and bitter. I prefer the first theory.

Live long and prosper.


joker said...

That show rules. Gets you thinking how much of our behavior is subliminally charged.

RestrictionsApply said...

The sad thing is that most of that stuff that appears in Archive, etc. aren't even real ads. They're spec pieces or stuff that maybe ran once in some obscure medium to qualify. Cool stuff, but unsubstantiated...

joker said...

So painfully true. The best thing is when people win awards by pulling a bait and switch with products with the same layout. Priceless.

Make the logo bigger said...

That's funny shit. Notice though at the end how the creative on the right became an AE: "Well, as long as he came out looking good, that's all that counts."


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