Sep 10, 2007


I think we all agree that last night's MTV VMA's was the crappiest thing that has ever aired on TV in the past 25 years. Britney, lay off the pills. The only thing you can do to shock us is act normal. And MTV? Haven't you sucked Pepsi's cock long enough already? By all means, it's official: I'm too old for this crap.


joker said...

I stopped watching MTV when I realized there had ceased to be Music in My Television. Needless to say, I don't watch MTV and have only peeked to check out some dumbass pimped car or the mansion of some filthy rich asshole. In both cases I feel the need to use hand sanitizer. But hey, what better way to bury ones career than showing you DON'T have anything anymore. Cheers brittney, here's to the days of yore when teen kids jerked off thinking about your six pack and old men wanted to do the nasty with that sweet young girl.

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