Sep 20, 2007

Pride and Ego

These are two words easily confused that shouldn’t be. True, they are both harmless words that haven’t done anything to anyone but when it comes to advertising or work in general, one is the Ying, the other is the Yang. Pride the positive aspect of self worth and Ego the negative aspect of the same. Yes you can make a case over etymology or word usage, but for these next few lines, that’s what I’m referring to.

Quite often, the lines between one and the other are extremely blurred and here are ten examples to try to clear up doubts as to at least how I see the scenery. If they work or not, that’s for anyone else to say. For me, just hope it helps clear things up a bit.

1.) Ego loves to bask in the limelight. Pride would rather share it.

2.) Ego talks one hell of a talk. Pride would rather be a deaf-mute with a purpose.

3.) Ego points fingers. Pride thinks it’s better to put said fingers to good use.

4.) Pride is feeling good about the work you do. Ego is telling everyone about it even when it’s not that good.

5.) Pride talks in we’s while Ego talks in I’s.

6.) Pride fights for what it considers is right. Ego fights because it says it has the right.

7.) Ego blames its typos or pantone mixups on rush dates, too much work, or emotional stress. Pride apologizes, corrects the mistake as fast as possible and does its best to never do it again.

8.) Ego raises its nose to peers. Pride has its nose deep in the shit its peers has to deal with.

9.) Ego looks at a shit ad and says the creative team behind it is a poor excuse for advertising professionals. Pride looks at the ad and feels sorry for the creative team that has to put up with said clients.

In a brief sumup….

10.) Pride inspires. Ego nauseates.



Daniel said...

Great, great, GREAT post. Really spot on.

You guys always have great writing (no surprise), and I can't for the life of me remember how I found you, but I'm super glad I did. You have some avid fans at Burst Labs.

Keep it up!

Me said...

Fucking brilliant. I owe you a beer for that one post alone.

joker said...

Many thanks Daniel. Turns out quite a few people have chanced on this blog by accident but good to see you guys keep reading. It's comforting that our therapy can serve various purposes. Anyways, hope all is well and all the best to everyone at Burst Labs.



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