Oct 16, 2007

Act rather than offer an opinion Late Eco Blog #2 of 3

When thinking of eco conscious efforts throughout my life I can offer up the quasi adage in the title of this post. Do you want to know why that is? It's because everyone wants to save the world, everyone wants to make a difference.... just not now, just not when they could make a difference.

"Sure I threw that piece of paper on the ground, but cleaning personnel need to have something to do right?"

"You know I normally take the time to throw away the trash, it's just this once."

"It's just one tiny bit of garbage."

I'm pretty much quoting random people throughout my life if not in the last year. Nice people with supposedly good intentions that can't seem to able to operate those tricky trash can lids.

The time is now, the moment is when you have the chance. If you see a random can on the floor, take the chance to verify that it doesn't have needles dangling from it, dog shit or a lacquer of urine and throw it away. Take the time to throw away your mocca latte bullshit expresso cups. If you see a random shopping cart in the parking lot, help put it back. Do something, even something minor but just make sure to get involved in some kind of a way for however stupid you might think your act is.

So many people ask what they can do to make a difference and there are so many things that it's more than unlikely that couldn't find anything to help with.

There's the ASPCA (http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer) OCEANA (http://www.oceana.org/) Surfrider (http://www.surfrider.org/) or Surfaid (http://www.surfaidinternational.org/site/pp.asp?c=ekLPK4MOIsG&b=275154) to just mention a tidbit of worthy causes. There's literally hundreds of daily decisions that can help make the place you live just a little better.Is this a cry for help, no. It's just my way of saying that desire to help is great, but as potential, if you don't act on it, what good is it for?

By the way, the proposition still stands, anyone post sent to WAS is $10 I'll donate to either of the sites above or anyone you might think it prudent to support. I know I can do more to make a difference, as we all can. Just one bit a day helps so why the hell not?


Me said...

I'm doing my part to save the world. I'm still leaving Britney alone.

Your idea of the $10 donation is wonderful. I propose anything for Katrina victims. Let's do something that Bush doesn't do!!! Help them!

joker said...

That was what I donated to last year. Still a very worthy cause and still a lot of people who need help. How bout it people, $10 for just writing a few paragraphs.

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