Oct 3, 2007

Do you have a Kobayashi Maru?

Here I go with another obscure Star Trek reference. Yeah. You might think I need some medication... but all I know is that, like the Godfather series, the Trek has also many good references on how to live. And, by the way: the force is for pussies. (Sorry, I had to spill my anti-Star Wars venom out. It is mandatory for a Trekker.)

So? What the fuck is that shit? Well, here it is, according to the all time greatest Wikipedia: "The Kobayashi Maru scenario was an infamous no-win scenario... It was primarily used to assess a cadet's discipline, character, and command capabilities when facing an impossible situation." In other words, a problem that can't be solved.

We all have Kobayashi Maru's in our life. Some might seem like a no-sin scenario, some are really impossible to solve. How you handle them... there in lies the challenge. Why am I writing about this? Well, well. Let's just say that aside from all the bullshit about trust I've had to deal with in the previous week, which in turn has made me a total untrusting bitch... I have been hearing left and right of people that are trying to deal with an impossible task. Granted, they have all been about personal issues, but still... Made me think: why the hell do you try to win all the time? Why we just can't fight the good fight and learn when it's time to say: done?

Part of the beauty of life is knowing when to say... when, I guess. Look. Pick your battles. It applies to advertising, oh yes it does. In fact, it applies to anything. Don't waste your energy when you know it won't go your way. Stuff is supposed to not meet your requirements from time to time.

Your Creative Director doesn't want your idea and wants his instead? Tell him your point. Argue away why you think you are right. If you still find yourself fighting over a stupid ad for more than your alloted time... fuck it. Do it his way. Then, deny deny.

Your client hands over a drawing of the ad he wants you to do. Work around the idea that you are supposed to recommend the best idea for his product. Do your version of the ad. If he still doesn't want it, and he's still doodling away on the same crappy art... Do the fucker just like he asked for. Then, get your check at the end of the week. It's still coming, no matter how you argue back that it is a turd of an idea. In fact, if you do it quickly you will get to leave early and shave your privates with glee.

Your CEO wants you to work the weekend while he's boning the nice chick from the Media Department. Um. Eh. Sorry. This is a no win no matter what. You are screwed. Live with it. Enjoy the soggy pizza.

Ok so there, I gave you three examples of how sometimes life can suck more than being being Britney Spears (which, by the way, I am still trying to leave alone). Think about this piece of enlightenment: in life and in advertising there will be a time when you ARE supposed to try to make your point across. I am not telling you to become a pussy and just roll over like a doggy. But there are also times when you have to put your time and energy to good use and say the all time greatest line ever: FUCK IT. Let bygones be bygones, do the stuff you know is wrong and then... live your life. You will be a happy ad camper if you take this advice.

Oh. By the way. Proof that Kirk fucking rules?

He is the only one that solved the damn scenario. How? He cheated. Booyakasha.


joker said...

So the moral of the story is more so cheat rather than accept defeat? lol. By the way, Kirk can suck my heavy midiclorion filled testicles any day of the week. :D And for your entertainment, some yo mama jokes in the trekkie motif.

Yo mama so dumb she thought a Klingon was one of those peanut buttery shits that don't quite come Yff yo ass.

Yo mama is so ugly I put a red shirt on her and screamed "there's an ensign" while patrolling planet Terathon.

Yo mama is so nasty she calls licking pussy "going boldly where no man has gone before".

Yo mama is so dumb she thought Peter Pan was a Vulcan.

Yo mama's so dumb she thought Dr. Evil's son was part of the Enterprise Crew.

Yo mama's so stupid she thought Star Trek 2 would take place in Mongolia.

Yo mama's so fat she had to tattoo USSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Enterprise to get it all in one cheek.

I'm expecting a reply to this ;)

much love

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