Oct 30, 2007

I kinda need to do this

Umm…. I just found out someone I worked with just passed away. She was an artist and by no means would many people say her work was special. That’s not to say she didn’t do her job well. Not at all, it’s just that she was such a great person that her personality far eclipsed whatever skill she may have possessed with a computer. No one will ever remember her for one single layout she made but everyone she worked with will remember her for her candid honesty and for her sheer brilliance in making someone laugh, in offering a hug when someone looked like they needed it or for cracking a smile and making you feel better when you’d swear you couldn’t be in a worse possible mood.

With a lump in my throat I write this, with regret for losing a fascinatingly wonderful individual as well. It’s not because she was my best friend but it is because she was a friend and because I’m one of the lucky many that was able to enjoy a portion of her timeline upon this Earth. It’s not that she was part of my family but every sentence she offered was filled with the warmth of a relative, a real relative, one you could count on when times were dire. This is actually the first time I’ve had someone I know professionally pass away and I can’t say it is any different than losing a friend, because it isn’t. She was my friend and one of the things I missed the most when I left the company where we worked at was actually her and her goofiness.

She was what you could call a cool cat and the supreme cheerleader, banging away and trying to fan the flames of her team for however dismal we might have felt. She didn’t care how shitty she felt, she always said present when the company asked for volunteers and her spirit was genuinely indomitable. That’s why I’m sure that even though her trek on this Earth is over she’ll be banging away for a long, long, long time cracking jokes about different saints, giving Buddha a wet willy or asking Allah to pull her finger.

Will I remember her for what work I ever saw her do? No, but I think that’s the best I can wish for anyone I’ve ever met in my life or have worked with. To be remembered for the joy you bring, for the laughter you share or for whatever inspiration you may provoke. Whoever would rather be remembered for their work in advertising or any other field umm… I wish you well in your lonely existence. As for our loss? I just wish I could have had one more hug. I still love you gal.

Cheers to you luv.



Me said...

Hon, I feel your loss. Even though I didn't have the pleasure to get to know this person as well as you did, I too remember the joy and cool spirit she had.

All I know is this: She will have the time of her life up there in heaven.

Make the logo bigger said...

Sorry to hear that news. Good take on good people though.

joker said...

Many thanks for the kind comments man. I appreciate that a lot more than you would probably imagine. Take care though and if you ever needed any type of reminder, you're not good people, you're great people. Thanks for everything.


Anonymous said...

you tried to be sincere and mourn the passing of a friend, but you couldn't help but call her a hack at the same time - there's more to life than advertising man - and if you can't see that, you need to check yourself.

joker said...

If you think I called her a hack, maybe I wasn't clear in what I was trying to say. You try to make a point which I was also trying to make. The whole point of this blog is to demonstrate that there's a hell of a lot more to life than advertising, not just this post. If you couldn't read between the lines then you might also need to check yourself.

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