Nov 23, 2007

Go Rocko!

Ok let me explain. I know it's supposed to be Rocky, but I have a good friend that screamed that every single time he watched a boxing match, so for me it's not a typo, it's Rocko and that's it. I love boxing. I live in a country of two sports, politics and boxing. My little country has given the world great champions. Um, yeah, can't tell where I'm from, but trust me, we deliver. And yes, we treat them like royalty. Well, at least some of them.

For me there is no greatest sport. Yes, it's very violent. Sometimes too much so. But to see two men using their power and endurance, managing pain and shortness of breath, for me... all I can say is that all the rest seems like pussy sports. And now, after many years of not really enjoying the sport that much, mostly because of lack of true athletes, I think we got our passion back. Yes, boxing is back, baby. Hallelujah! Can I get an amen?

Tomorrow is the date for a great debacle. Vargas versus Mayorga. I don't like either of them that much, but still, it's a great fight to watch. Weeks ago there was the Cotto versus Mosley fight, which was fucking awesome to watch. Before that, De la Hoya versus Mayweather... little by little we are getting what we wished for ever since the Tysons, Gollotas and Holyfields of the world crumbled everything to shit. Something weird happened on the 90's. We had some great times there for a while, and suddenly it all became a spectacle instead of a sport. By the end of that decade, we knew it. In fact, I think it was the ear biting thing that made me realize... this is the Titanic and we're going down, period.

So tomorrow I will be glad to give my thirty bucks, buy loads of beer (tradition, tradition), bet the usual and enjoy the night. If you lived near my house, you would think there is something very naughty going on because of a girl screaming her lungs out. And yes, there is much to scream about.

Boxing is back, baby. Go Rocko!


Snicks said...

I've done my first boxing training yesterday :).

Why aren't you telling the country you're from ?

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