Nov 12, 2007

Must see! Bee Movie

You know the days. They start with rain, usually. You wake up and think. Shit, it's raining. I would like to stay home. Then, you go to the office. You think. Shit, I'd rather be somewhere else.

Well, since today was Veteran's Day, and many people don't work, I did the unthinkable. I actually called up the one client that was working and told the truth. Um, look, I said, I can stay here waiting for you to call me, but I'd rather leave, be on call, and enjoy the day. There must be a God because my client said: sure, enjoy, I'll call you if I need you. Priceless.

So, after a debate on what to do, we decided to go to see Bee Movie. What a great family pic! It is very funny, has great graphics and cool music. Seinfeld and Zellwegger do it great, as I learned previously, they ad libbed many of the lines, and you can feel it. The list of famous people who do a line or two in this movie is quite long. Oprah, Ray Liotta, Sting, Larry King to name a few.

Granted, many kid flicks are very funny. I was coming home from Vegas and had the pleasure of seeing Surf's Up, which I thought it was going to suck and was utterly surprised at how loud I was laughing. But Bee Movie has those special Seinfeld stingers that makes it special, in a way. Besides, it is set at NYC, and for those of you who love the city, you will enjoy it much more.

Have kids? Friends have kids? Take them to see it. It is a very cool pic, trust me.

Tomorrow? Work. Again. Um. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Dude that movie sucks monkey balls!

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