Dec 25, 2007

As if I wasn't going to write today

So it's Christmas time again and here we are, still pumping out the posts, getting linked to new blogs and reaffirming the thousands of reasons of Why Advertising Sucks. It's been another swell year of writing and sharing and reading comments. To be honest though, this year has really swept past me and I think I'm not the only one. True, I could go on a rant lamenting the never ending injustice of father time, but this little post isn't about that. It's also not about how much Advertising sucks in a Holiday setting. It's about giving thanks to anyone who has taken a few minutes to read us this year. It's a thanks to my partners in crime for sharing their thoughts and opinions and for always having an available eye to read, relate, advise and help. It's a thanks to anyone who has put a link to our humble little blog in theirs.

We hope to keep offering up the strife, the wailing and my forté, the bitching along with album, movie, game and life reviews and we hope you'll enjoy what we have to share. My best to every reader, every writer, every supporter and anyone who has browsed and said "hey, I can relate to that." One of the reasons we keep this blog up is for therapeutic purposes. The others regard getting friends in far places and having people chuckle at some totally disguting rant any one of us can offer. Warmest wishes, best of luck, happy every conceivable holiday there may be rounding about these days and keep posted, there's always more to share.

Kindest regards,
your resident Joker

Cheers my friends


Eugen Suman said...

keep it up, guys. and have beautiful holidays. also a year with less strife, more cash :D

joker said...

More.... cash...... that's a nice thought :D

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