Dec 16, 2007

Scared shitless: The Mist

So... yesterday night, after a very nice drive and a delicious dinner, it was time to go to the movies. Hm. What to see, what to see. Comedy? Nah. I wanted terror. And, hidden in a movie theater waaaaaaaaay out of my neighborhood, was The Mist.

Um. All I can say is this: I got so fucking scared, I didn't sleep alone. Period.

WHAT A GREAT MOVIE, DAMMIT! The premise is so simple: a group of people get caught at a supermarket (how convenient is that shit) because a mist has taken over the town. When they try to go out, they end up dead. What is out there? Are there monsters? Is it the wrath of God?

The Mist explores the basic theory that when people are scared, the rules go out the window. We do and believe anything, if it serves the purpose of feeling better. (I know a few people that will believe anything they hear to not have to deal with reality, but that is another post altogether) Mix that with a little religion fanatics, and you have a masterpiece, courtesy of your local fucked up writer, Stephen King. What a great ride, dammit.

Funny is that weeks ago I catched The Shining on HBO, and I thought... this is the last time I can remember I was really really scared. Took forever, but dammit, King did it again - I should mention I almost never get scared at anything, very weird, I always laugh like crazy. You should have seen me watch The Exorcist. Laughed till I cried. Um.. where was I?

The actors are fucking amazing. It has a great cast, those actors who you don't see that often and when you do, you think: damn, those guys should get more work. The effects are pretty decent (do not think of It, please, this is not the case here), the sound is damn excellent and trust me, you will get scared. King's secret of success has always been tension, not stupid gore, and dammit, he wins us over in this flick.

The religion part is the kicker, the icing on the cake. For those of you who are deeply into God... I don't think you'll love this flick. It explores the Bible in a way that might want to kick Stephen in his ass. It will definitively kick you in the fanatic bone, and not in a hey I love it kind of way. There. I told you. Beware.

So anyway, if you have enough bug killer in your house and want to get some nookie with the excuse that you are scared shitless and will have nightmares until '08... this is the movie to see.


Anonymous said...

You're a idiot....this movie was terrible. All the characters were 2 dimensional and wooden. The ending was about as nonsensical as possible and dialog was horrendous....
Also it wasn't scary at all!
it was a horrendous waste of time.

Me said...

Waste of time? Like me reading your comment? Yeah.

I will take the high road and tell you this: if you didn't like the movie, yeah, great. But that doesn't give you any right at all to call me an idiot just because I don't agree with you... honey bunch.

xdeadstarx said...

No dude just stfu your an idiot. this movie is horrible. the fact u like it either makes you crazy or fucking twisted. dont give me the everything in the world isnt happy and jolly nonsense. its just the way they did it which made the movie suck. Like why didnt someone just shoot the religious bitch in the first place? i know i fucking would. and why wouldn't they attempt to get further or wait as long as they could when the car ran out of gas? if i was that guy i wouldn't immediately be like OMG IM GONNA SHOOT MY FAMILY SO THEY DON'T GET EATEN BY MONSTER LIKE RIGHT NOW! and why weren't the monsters attacking the car anyways? it seemed like everyone else who left the store didnt have any trouble running into them. The movie makes it seem like the people were helpless like they couldn't do anything for themselves ever why didnt anyone in the "sane" group speak out against that religious bitch and say shes crazy. FUCK THIS MOVIE MAKES ME SO ANGRY THERES JUST SO MANY THING THEY COULD HAVE DONE TO SAVE THEMSELVES WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYONE MENTALLY RETARDED IN FUCKING STEVEN KING BOOKS! JESUS! Like in IT, just punch the clown in the fucking face no one even tried! of course they were scared but people can think more rationally than "........." while scared.

i know its just a movie and all but im telling you its not good. dont even try to say it is. because it is not. the story was pretty cool, it was just executed so fucking badly. To be honest, I have forgotten most of what happened because it was so bad. I left the movie wanting my money back, which I very rarely do. said...

This movie is the worst movie I've ever seen. It wasn't scary, you could see the 3d creatures coming. Do you know why in the trailer they never showed these dimensional creatures, even though they were in half the movie? Because no one would have seen it.

Oooo dimensional monsters, scary.

And everyone dies at the end, how original.

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