Dec 28, 2007

Ten thoughts for the day

1. Opinions are awesome until someone says 'but'.

2. Ludicrous deadlines shall be rescheduled appropriately.

3. If you didn't wait for an artwork that was rush, then it wasn't that rush. Atone to the consequences of your actions.

4. Traffic people are often wannabe executives.

5. Executives are often wannabe creatives.

6. Creatives are often wannabe higher ups.

7. Higher ups are often enjoying being a higher up.

8. I love it when I'm told to be thankful for a job that doesn't satisfy me professionally, pays shit, and constantly keeps me away from my family.

9. Why must I change agencies to get a raise?

10. Clients are like toddlers. They puke on what you feed them, shit on everything you've done, never let you sleep and want all the attention for themselves. Besides, they don't understand that there are other things you'd rather be doing than taking care of their needs.


Me said...

Jesus H Christ. This post should be made into a poster and sent out to so many people I know... Scary.

Thinking In Vain said...

I second the poster.

#10 is getting printed out and put up on my bulletin board.

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