Jan 14, 2008

Are you all in?

So today was a nice night of poker with the guys. Oh yes, Me likes the poker. A lot. Not because it is way fun, just because it is a very cool way to get to know your friends even better. If you don't usually play, I highly recommend it.

Think about it. A normal game will go on for at least 4 to 6 hours. In that time, you will talk about everything and anything under the sun. We usually talk about movies, music, sex... (who doesn't?) I have the pleasure of playing with men, and it gives me an insight of what you guys are thinking. Ok, I have to say that they consider me one of the guys, so the things they blurt out are simply amazing. Once the wall is down, usually with years of playing together, in comes the weird themes that only men talk amongst themselves, and I get the honor to listen.

Some people say that poker is a game of luck. I disagree. It is strategy. How you deal with poker usually reflects how you deal with life. People sometimes bet little by little expecting to have great things come their way. Sometimes people lie and bullshit to get what they want. Sometimes people go all in, because they know they have nothing to lose. Sometimes people hold up and pass, because they know the outcome is not that good and it's not worth the effort. See? Poker is life.

Another great thing about the game? You get to learn when your friends are bullshitting you, when they are nervous, when they have a great hand and sometimes it shows... I have been playing with those guys for years now, and every dollar I put in has been worth it. I have always said that I love this better than to simply go out with them to a bar.

So. Don't play and wish you could learn? Well, you have two choices, either you can find a great friend who will teach it or buy According to Hoyle. I started out playing while I was at the university with friends, then later in life I met a great poker pro who gave me great pointers on how to up my game even better. Hey, I'm no champion, sometimes I lose, sometimes I play just right to get a piece of the pie.

In poker, as well as in life, you have to bet hard to see what comes your way. How does the line go? Ah. No pain, no gain.

Happy playing people.


RestrictionsApply said...

"Poker is life." Could this be the title of the next Great American Novel?

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