Jan 21, 2008

Four-minute history lesson

The good folks at Netflix recently sent me The Kingdom, a wholly mediocre movie about the conflict in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general. In fact, the only thing worthwhile in the film are the opening credits, which manage to condense into a four-minute sequence a brief yet thorough explanation of the United States’ policy in the region, especially with an “ally” such as Saudi Arabia.

If you’re not entirely clear on the issue, this quick rundown gives it to you in a convenient Conflict-for-Dummies format. It goes beyond the obvious (oil, greed, traitors, vested interests, etc.) and helps put things into perspective. I haven’t done research myself, but I’m sure you could find a clip on You Tube.

The rest of the movie is just fodder.


RestrictionsApply said...

I found the clip -it's at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKppKRnM7cU

Me said...

Lord. I forgot about seeing this movie, and dammit, I know why. Sucked. And to think I actually paid to see this crap.

The worst thing is that I am a fan of military movies, anything army/navy seals/marines does it for me (one of my top movies is Black Hawk Down) and I was expecting this to be... decent. Not so.

But don't worry dude. For a great action movie we have to wait until our movie date this January, when the ultimate guy will return: John Rambo.

The first round of Tequila shots is on me.

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