Jan 2, 2008

Fuck the Rat. This is the year of Change.

(For those of you who are still trying to figure the name of the post... Chinese Zodiac. Look it up.)

Yes. It is important to review last year and celebrate the good things of it, no matter if your list of bad things win by a landslide. You are supposed to be thankful that you are alive and healthy (or surviving on Tylenol), have a place to sleep, have decent friends, don't go hungry that much (unless you are packing the pounds, then you should indulge in a little bit of healthy hunger)...

But. This year should also bring changes. And in the last couple of weeks, I've heard loads about making changes for the better from some of my dearest friends. So, this is an invitation of sorts, to join in the fun and... like Nike said: Just do it.

You can look at it from any angle you want. If it's your job that is rubbing you the wrong way down there... Do something about it. Don't wish for a better job. (Dudes, it is impossible to have the perfect job. But you can improve the situation.) Don't think you have time? Bullshit. That is pure bullshit and you know it. Maybe it's the fact that you haven't had time to PRIORITIZE that part of your life. I am not talking about changing jobs in a matter of weeks or days. Just make the effort to start the process. Start looking. Start asking. Start with your resume. Read it. Rewrite it if you need to. Plan where you will send it. Make some calls. Start moving. You'll be glad you started. I swear.

Love interest a waste of your time and energy? Did all you could do and nothing? Move on. I have a friend who finally, after years of wasting her time and emotional strength, decided to start 2008 literally by giving herself the chance to meet someone new and begin a new life, with someone who actually was interested and said a little bit more than the usual "let's see what happens". The sheer fact that she embraced the change and knew it was for the better has made her smile and be much more happy. I swear, if you could see her now, you wouldn't have known she suffered for many years with a stupid shlob with no future to give her whatsoever.

Need more money? Well, you could change jobs and ask for more, or you could plan a way to earn more. Figure out how. Plan it. It can be as small as doing some freelance, it can be as big as opening a second business. Do you know how many people do it? Why can't you?

Whining about your big ass butt? Do something about it and make the promise to actually be there for the long run. It is not easy. It requires a deep passion for change, to feel better about yourself. But also, it takes loads of discipline. No breaks, no excuses, no nothing. It's not making the effort to not have that 800 calorie Madras and stop eating at Friday's for a month. It's changing your way of life, forever. This last one is a bit tricky, because most people try for a while and then forget about it or put some bullshit excuse to not follow up on it. Well, you decide. In fact, no. Your ass will decide. If you feed it less and make that promise to yourself, it will go away.

Feel like your government, your country... even the world is not changing for the better that much? Pick a theme. The homeless. Saving the Earth. Aids. Teen Pregnancy. Make the effort to do a Public Service campaign, be it at your office just for the hell of it, or at home. Offer it, designed and produced, free of charge, to whatever Association you want. This year, as well as last year, I chose Cancer. It felt waaaaaaay good to do something great that could actually make a difference, no charge whatsoever.

Hey, this in an invitation. You can actually think about it or dismiss it altogether. But it's up to you. You can be a happy camper... or a sad rat.

Hope you just... do it.



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