Jan 3, 2008

He's not funny, Jim.

In comes the occasional asshole who, trying to be cool, shits all over our Trek. How I'd love to do a Vulcan Mind melt on this sucker and take it to eleven... I ask only one thing: why didn't he do a Star Wars analogy? Bush is Darth Vader, working with... Ewoks. Coked up Ewoks. Whatever.

Why can't they leave us to live long and prosper...

(This video is courtesy of Travis, who is trying to convince me that LOTR is great, by making me watch it over and over again. Um. Although I can appreciate this flick as a great piece of cinema: it's a movie about walking! Oh... and two small men, who don't know how much they really really would like to get it on with each other after they finish cooking the ring.)


Make the logo bigger said...

“Klingons in the WH.” Classic. They will be beamed out in about a year too.


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