Jan 8, 2008

Hollywood Writers: 1. Blood Sucking Studios: 0!!!

Well, you might have read it already, but what the hell, let's celebrate the fact that THE WRITERS WON THIS ROUND, THERE WILL BE NO GOLDEN GLOBES!!!

Talk about striking and standing your ground!!! Those guys are out there, every single day, fighting for what they believe in. Without words, there would be no great shows. Not even bad ones, dammit! If you haven't read up on what they want, go to unitedhollywood.com and read their blog. Besides, if you are suffering like me (where's my damn Heroes and my 24???), at least we are kept up to date on what's happening.

The great thing is that actors are helping out. They were not going to cross the picket line and that left the studios cancelling the show - no stars, no show. I sure wish this strike is over soon, but not because I miss my shows, just because I know what it feels to get fucked in a bad way when it comes to what I deserve at my job.

If only we could have the balls to put our mouse and pencils down in order to get paid for overtime. If that were a reality for ad people... well, this blog definitively would not exist, because we would all be muuuuch more happier. Joker would write about puppies and flowers. I would write about gardening and cookie recipes. Restrictions would write about the latest cool Prince songs. And Travis would still find cool ass videos for me to post in his name.

No, really. Think about it. Everytime the phone rings late at night because a client wants a change, you know your time will be paid, double. Damn. That makes getting late changes a bliss! Mo money mo money!!!

Oh well. Someday we will have enough balls and organize ourselves to do it. Someday... someday.


joker said...

Actually Make a Logo Bigger wrote on this not too long ago about there being an Advertising Union. Food for thought. As for me, I'd always find something to bitch about, it makes for better writing than puppies and my female side. :D

Cheers though luv, we'll see what happens with the writers debacle in the short AND long run.

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