Jan 24, 2008

If I had my way....

If you're up to it, finish that sentence. How many variations of things in your daily life would change? How many decisions would be completely different from what they end up being? Go from the mundane to the macro. Feel free to do so, it's ok to make believe, or so I think.

How many more hours would you sleep? What would be your morning routine? What would you have for breakfast? What would be your morning routine? How would you get to work? As a matter of fact, would you work at all? if so, where would you work? Would you stay at the place you're at? WOuld you tell your boss off? Would you call your clients to tell them how ridiculously stupid they are? Would you make a top ten list why they suck so much? Would you smack them or do any violent act to express the frustration they provoke on a daily basis? Would you talk sense to them? Better yet, would you switch jobs one day and risk having to put yourself in their shoes? Would you take a day trip? Would you take a week off? What would you do? Where would you go?

How about this? If you made a list of your dearest friends, would you call them or visit? Would you buy them gifts to show you love them? There's no money limit in day dreaming so dream away. If you could give to charity, where would you donate? Why? WOuld you take a trip to the IRS and flip em off especially during tax season?

Would you read? Would you write? Would you draw? Would you paint? Would you sculpt? Would you make pornographic movies? Would you go on a date? Even if you were married? Would you take the kids to your mother's? Would you romp and play like Tom says he'd love to?

There are so many things that would change if we had our way. But we don't. Senseless people have their ways and yeah, yeah I know. I'm a worker bee that complains and bitches because I don't know what higher ups go through. That might be true, but guess what? Somewhere along the way, a high percentage of higher ups forgot what it was like to be a worker bee, so don't chastize me for lack of empathy. And clients say that we're just out of touch with their needs. Well join the club people, because clients REALLY have no clue what they want except that they know that quite often what you recommend is not quite right for the brand, or the target or their Aunt Myrtle.

But guess what, clients don't have their way either. Trust me, if they did they wouldn't be pushing papers in a marketing department of a company. They'd be making the tough decisions and with their track record of jellybackness, I'm sure they'd do just fine in a pressure situation. It's not like they take three weeks to approve print artwork because they weren't sure about that word in the third paragraph. But I digress.

Just take a moment to think of all the possibilities and be honest when determining if you'd really be able to make the most out of "your way" if you had it. Then write a book about it and make a fortune.

Who knows, anything is possible in this life, or so we're told while growing up. Why not put that statement to the test.


Make the logo bigger said...

I have no say anymore. Life’s decisions do.

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