Jan 21, 2008

In case the first time wasn't enough

Ok, so I just found out a really good friend just got back with her ex. Though some people might actually consider this a moment to celebrate, I find myself slapping my forehead at the decisions of some people. Why do good people, worthwhile people, nice people, attractive people insist on getting back with people that aren't worth the semen laced booger of a hooker. Really, people have been hurt and by hurt, I mean cheated on numerous times, not respected and actually told so to their faces. Really, apparently society is addicted to misery or maybe it's the sense of hope and second, third, fourth, and fifth chances that seem so appealing. I mean seriously. I've seen a trend of good people making bad decisions and yes this is a judgment call and guess what, like the last times with these particular persons, I'm betting on me because trends and the phenomenon of a vicious cycle dictates that this shit won't work, ESPECIALLY when you've already gotten past that little thing called a second chance and the person fucked up anyways.

Some people say love is blind and that may be true, but I'd add that love can have learning deficiencies, doesn't study history or market trends and definitely has a severe case of denial. Oh, and might I point out that I'm referring to the love people in dysfunctional relationships refer to. Call me new school, but I'm one to thin that if it didn't work the first time, odds are it won't work the second time either. Getting back with someone who cheated on you is giving that person a get out of jail free card. It's telling them they fucked up, but not enough for there to be consequences so go ahead and fuck up again. You could make a case that these people are weak and that they have become dependant on the positive aspects of their relationships but staying in said situations is just asking for more bitch slaps courtesy of Mr. Reality Check. Here's the best part though, since these people are getting cheated on continuously, that means that they're pretty much flirting with VD even if they are monogamous. Imagine that, all the fun of herpes or clamidia without having to do all that fucking around, isn't that convenient?

I dunno, maybe I just need a massive dose of chill pills or maybe I just won't ever understand good people staying in shitty situations and deciding to do so because of love, because last I checked, that's ignorance, not love. I wish them the best though and may they prove me way fucking wrong, but as with boxing matches, I may root for one side, but that doesn't mean I'll bet for that same side.




Jonathan Trenn said...

Good question, Joker, good question.

I've seen this more with women...allowing themselves to be shit on. Two reasons.

Women are attracted to the "cool" guys...the would be players. They may even know a guy has a bad reputation, but they don't care. They're hoping that they'll be the one he falls for and settles down with. Because he seems so cool to be with. So they look the other way.

Case in point: Bill Clinton's strongest supporters during the Lewinsky thing were single women under 50.

Oddly, in their own personal lives, these are the same type of women who will bitch about men, saying that they're assholes or its normal for men to cheat. They're also not attracted to 'nice guys' as much because, well, they're not as cool.

The other type are sort of a masochist Mother Theresa type. They can't handle being treated well. They see it as a sign of weakness. They probably had problems with their father, who may well have been an asshole. So they allow themselves to be treated like shit as an adult.

That's what many years of experience will show you. Hell, I'm still the sounding board for three women who want a guy's perpective...but they never learn.

joker said...

So true John. so damn true but hey, good to not be the only sound board apparently wasting his breath. keep it up though, people always say that nice guys finish last and there's one scenario I totally agree with this take on, in the sack. A nice guy will always go out of his way to make a girl come while one of these chiseled douche bags don't know their taints from their assholes. Oh and good abs don't give good head :D

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