Jan 15, 2008

The Polls are In!

Well, our first two polls just ended and here's what we got... Granted, small numbers but I really give a rat's ass, because dammit at least some of you participated and that's what counts!!!!!

1) We hate, equally, working on a weekend and getting motivational speeches from our CEO's.
Interesting, since I thought you were going to hate the Gung Ho Chat a little bit more. I can remember being so mad, angry or even furious at one douchebag CEO in particular who concocted this stupid weekend I-trust-You-You-Trust-Me shit... Needless to say, I developed some hernia in my imaginary testicle and didn't attend. Months later, I quit that awful job.

2) We would all punch our CEO's in the ear.
Have we all been watching Fight Club way too much? Um. Now that I think about it, it would be nice hearing him complain about a loud ring in his left lobe. Wonderful, I would say. Now let's ram some cold pizza up your butt, to ease the pain.

Have some poll ideas? Write them down at the comment box and I'll program them.

Vote or Die, people!


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