Jan 1, 2008

Thank you guys!!!

Well, the end of another year has come. The sweetest man that you can't meet unless you join the gang and swear to protect his privacy, Joker, has already given us a great review of the last year. But the hours are ticking away on the first year, and all I really can't let it end before I say thank you.

To all the guys and gals who read us, every single day, every two days, every month... You Rock. Thank you for the stories, the comments, the annoying remarks, the funny as hell emails (yes, some of you still write back to us, we only wish you could write more)...

This blog is part of my life, and I truly think of all my dearest writers as well. I log on every single day. Sometimes I am too tired to write, sometimes I could write way too much. I feel we have a small community here, and I love being a part of it. Damn, seems like yesterday when I said to three wonderful guys... will you join me in this experiment? I am soooooo grateful. We did good, guys!

What will happen this year? Who knows. I just hope we live in peace and love, like we all damn deserve. All I know is that we will keep writing, so please, keep reading.

Happy new Year and may you be blessed in more ways than you can imagine.


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