Jan 9, 2008

There's NO CRYING in baseball.

In life, you might think that you will have your way. You smile, wake up with such glee. Then, destiny grabs you by the ovaries and delivers a great punch. What do you do? You go home and cry with mommy. Yuck.

I am so insulted by Hillary Clinton's behavior after the first primary, you can't belive to imagine. Play the victim? Is that what you chose to do? Shed some crocodile tears and put on a sad face so people will pity you? Come the fuck on. It is a shame, a damn shame that this woman went down this path. And the thing is? I think the damn thing worked - first primary, thank you very much?

I loathe people who play victim. In fact, I seldom give a little bit of respect for people who whine and cry to get what they want. I have a strict rule when it comes to emotional breakdowns. Keep it to yourself. Professionally, I think that is the worst sign of weakness and manipulation. The world doesn't love me! Look everybody! I'm having a bad day! Poor little me! Can you feel the sadness emanating from my hormonal imbalance?


Look. I will gladly say that you can cry your eyes out whenever you feel like. We are not made of Titanium Alloy. We are not Terminators. But come on. If you plan to make a pity party every time life hands you a turd, please save the planet and don't send me an invite. Bad days, bad weeks, bad everything are lessons that old little life gives us to learn from them and move on. When you were little, fell and scratched the living skin out of you... did your mom sit down with you to cry? Did she gladly hand out Kleenex and wept by your side in pure agony? No. She told you it's ok, just clean yourself up and keep walking. I can bet my ass she talked in a very matter of factly way: hey, you fell. Awww. Now come on, let's get up.

The thing that offends me the most about this soap of a moment is this: this is supposed to be a strong, intelligent woman. She should know that, by all the shady shit that she has done during her years at politics, not all people will buy her "I will make everything ok" speech. She would have my respect if she had said, look, I know I messed up. I have done quite my share of stupid things. So if people did not decide to click my button on that voting booth, so be it. I'll work on my views, try to convince others and move on.

The other thing that kills me is more personal and... hormonal, if you will. This is a woman. Period. I have listened to many men joke around the fact that there cannot be a woman president because she will whine, manipulate and cry to get things done. I have always said, bullshit, this is not true. You will see, someday, some brilliant woman will come and stand her ground and not look like an ass.

Then this chick decides to pull this shit out:

You know what? Long live testosterone. Vote for your favorite penis. I'd prefer to have balls at the White House than a cliché of a woman.


Burst said...

I kinda miss the cookie-bakin' stay-at-home-mom version of Hillary, circa '92.

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