Jan 8, 2008

To my wing people

Every so often in life you come in contact with people whom you can count in precarious conditions and I’m not referring to just regarding work. I’m talking about full on being able to call this person at any hour and they’ll respond with a “lets do it attitude” no buts about it. This year is just starting and there have been people coming through for me that it isn’t a surprise that they came through, it’s just a great feeling to be able to know my trust is put rightly and that these people not only will come through for me, but ARE coming through for me and HAVE come through for me. I’ve always had an issue regarding trust, not as drastic as some other people and to be honest, I’m expecting to be let down most times just so nothing takes me by surprise. These people however, my wing person, my friends, they put up and let actions speak much louder than bullshit sentiment. These are not people that talk to you and say that they would have helped if they could have. They help, they’re there, they back me up, they feel for me as I feel for them and show me that trust is not something to be taken lightly. That’s because they are a reflection of my values. Not all of them but regarding loyalty, we are of the same ilk, and I’m humbled to be able to count them not only amongst my dearest friends, but merely to know them is an honor.

I’ve never been a big fan of asking for help and firmly believe in the “I scratch yours if you scratch mine” axiom, obviously preceded by the “don’t do anything expecting anything in return” policy. That’s because one’s actions can’t be determined by mere profit. If you do so then you might succeed but it’ll be the same as winning a battle with severe casualties. It’ll be an empty victory at best. These people, my friends, they live and breathe this code. They aren’t the backstabbing kind because if they want to take you on they’ll go in through the front gate. These are my friends, my chosen family and the reason I keep my values clear in sight and never doubt the way that I am or if it’s worth it or not. These people make any battle worth it, any bullet worth taking and any day worth smiling because they act, they don’t babble.

These are my friends, these are my wing people. And I’m humbled to have you in my life.

Cheers to you and from the deepest part of my soul, thank you and cheers.


Me said...

Well, from one wingman to another... It's a pleasure.

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