Jan 14, 2008

Where are they???

Joker's last post has made me think, a lot. You see, I agree that clients are the one thing that makes working in advertising worst than suffering from the late Olestra's involuntary anal leakage (look that up, it used to happen). Many times I have stood there, looking at one of my clients, wondering if what they said was a sheer lack of IQ. I mean, I have heard stupid things in my life. Some I have let pass and some, I just had to sit there, waiting to see how I could state that they were completely wrong and not use the word moron in the sentence. A challenge, yes.

I have to say, also agreeing with the J man, that there are times when I think... who moved the rock? Where did that client come from? Fungi? How is it possible for this human being to work at any environment? I mean. If logic and intelligence are supposed to be why they hire people... how the hell did they end up with that job? Sex favors? Big rack and/or penis? Did they pay for getting the job? It is truly baffling sometimes.

In comes the latest Monster tv ad or the BK Meltdown campaign. We already posted about the BK spot, so here, to make my point, let's show the Monster Monday ad. (Post follows below)

Ok so here's my dilemma. Did you see the ad? Yup. Brilliant. Fucking genius. My question is: where the FUCK are the clients who approve this type of ad? I never met one who didn't see the brilliance in this sort of spot. In my reality, they would have wanted Star Wars CGI, lasers shooting to the sun. Maybe they would have started on a Friday morning, building a stupid facade to shield themselves from the sun. Throw in a puppy and a baby. Why? My secretary likes them, they would have said.

Or maybe, just maybe... they would have just said, when presenting the storyboard... I don't get it. But no, this type of ad is frustrating in a way. Because I know that I will never meet a client intelligent enough to say: yes. Shoot it. No changes, shoot it exactly how you presented it. (Well, in my heart I want to believe that the client did not change one bit of the story that I just posted above, just because I don't fathom any change at all, it's just perfect as it is)

So... what is my beef? Simple. I have a question. Where are they? Where are the decent, intelligent, no nonsense client who thinks outside the box? It's like the damn lotto. You hear that someone won, but you never get to be the one. They are like almost fidgments of our imagination. Faith? Um. Maybe. You pray: One day I will find a great client. You hear the stories, from time to time. You see the ads, and you say... screw this. If some creative team got this approved, then maybe one day I will get one as well. But it never happens.

Should we just give up? Just go to work and talk about videogames and what great movies we saw over the weekend? Should we work for the weekend? Paycheck? Should we not care at all if we make something great? I don't know. Sometimes I feel like giving a shit and delivering what they want so I can go home. Sometimes I have the energy to fight back and say no way, moron, you are wrong.

But dammit, most of the time... between you and me... I wished it could be right, all the time. But it's like the flying car. I don't think it will happen on my lifetime.

In conclusion? 2008 started just like any other year. Still sucking. This sucks, but hey, at least we got each other, right?

With love. Me.


RestrictionsApply said...

Clients will always be clients. Ads like this get approved because the Creative Director is an ace presenter and has the full backing of the Client Service team. The problem isn't the client (they're all idiots). The problem lies within ourselves and our failure to believe in our own ideas.

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