Jan 12, 2008

A Year in Me's Movies!

We have seen quite a lot of movies this year. Granted, some I haven't seen, mostly because... well, were I live there is a shitty monopoly of movie theaters and there is only one brand, which will always put first action movies over decent flicks. I had the pleasure of traveling a lot, which helped to see great movies that here at home were definitively not on the box office list.

But hey, since we are reminiscing, here is my list of great 2007 movies, with only one true winner. So let's start with the fairest of them all and work our way down from there, shall we?

The winner in my book? The Mist.
Let's put it this way. If I see a creepy crawler ANYWHERE, I go "berzerker" (Clerks rule). For me, it was the surprise of the year, hands down. This was the movie you go without watching the trailer, without knowing anything about it and dammit, I was on the edge of my seat. To this day I still talk about it. Great script, fucking scary. Well, anything with religion still gives me the hibby jibbies.

Then, in no particular order...

The Host.
Sushi, Edamame and Miso Soup are not the only great things I love about Japan. This flick is purely awesome. Cool ass monster, check. Great actors, check. Twist at the end, check. I saw this one on a rainy day at Manhattan, and it made the trip. On the long way back to the hotel, I was yapping non stop about this one.

Planet Terror.
If I had to invent an award, I'd give the "Fuck me!" category to this one. Talk about going back in time! The music was just perfect, the story... come on, zombies? Brilliant! I had forgotten how cool is Robert Rodríguez. I haven't screamed and laughed so hard at anything else, period. I saw it two times in a row, and dammit, I would see it again on the big screen.

Honorable Mentions?

300. Men with perfect abs munching on apples? Yes sir, I'll have seconds. What I loved the most was the photography. It looked like a piece of art.

Transformers. Shia? Oh yes. Me loves that kid. I'm aching to see him in Indiana Jones, and that's all I can say. That kid makes anything perfect. (Um, well, Disturbia sucked balls, so... whatever)

Sicko. Makes me wanna stash up on vitamins. Opened my eyes on the atrocities that health plans make. Not as good as Fahrenheit 9/11, but still powerful.

And the diarrhea of 07 goes to Spiderman 3. I can honestly say that I still want my money back. It was depressing, stupid, moronic and a waste of my time. Tobey Maguire should buy me dinner for watching him, period. More anal leakage mentions? I am Legend and Live Free or Die Hard. Kill me.

So there you go. I would have more movies if I had seen them, like No country for old men and much more, but hey, there is always Netflix. This year already will start off great! Cloverfield? Yes. Rambo??????? Yes, Yes!

Let's just hope this year is better. Tah-tah, people.


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