Feb 4, 2008

Am I the only one who thinks this is fucked up?

In a society that is ever more “Green” I can’t help but scratch my head to the existence of a logo that goes against all that’s biodegradable and carbon happy.

Enter the Sherwin Williams logo.

Maybe I was bored, maybe it just struck me on the side of the head, or maybe not only is this logo ugly as hell but as twisted as I think can be made. Cover the Earth… in paint??? Are you fucking nuts? This is the company logo. I wish I would have photo shopped this fucker to make a point, but lo and behold, no alterations were needed since it does the job all by itself.

It pretty much promotes pollution and it’s a bit crude to have red paint, ie, fake blood be your main selling point. I won’t even go into the fact that EXTS IN ALL CAPS piss me off or that the company name is written in a shitty font or that even SWP sounds like some toxic bio weapon to bring forth the end of the world, this logo is just wrong on any level you can imagine. I dunno, what do you think?


RestrictionsApply said...

Oh, oh… Creative Director in the making…

I don’t particularly like the SWP logo either, but its staying power cannot be denied. It’s been around for almost 100 years and is universally recognized. The fact that it stands as a politically incorrect symbol today makes it even more wonderful. The Green Revolution is a fad, and once that fad passes, the SWP logo will be even more relevant. People tend to take comfort in the familiar.

As for the logo’s story (polluting the earth), it can’t help but be a product of it time.

Beauty is a non-issue. In fact, people tend to remember the ugly and annoying more than the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Throughout marketing history, you’ll see that ugly logos are the most successful, recognized, and lasting: Coca-Cola, IBM, Morton Salt, Marlboro, Ford, Colgate-Palmolive, and countless others.

They’re ugly and antiquated, but they still do the job.

Kelly said...

Sherwin used to be one of my clients a few years ago and the thought crossed our minds more than once.

i think has yet to cross theirs.

TexanInHippieland said...

If the logo did not have a history, I'd agree with you. Living in Portland, I do kinda like, however, the pollution angle - as it might piss off the hippies. I like pissing off hippies. Self-righteous, stinky hippies. Yuk.

joker said...

Restrictions: Do I have the tenacity to stay in this industry that long to accomplish said goal? lol. I agree on it staying power but it's just one of those things you see and go "Wait a minute". About ugly and tacky being more memorable, you just need to see the function of a psychiatrist to know that staying power always goes to the negative. People don't pay $60 an hour to talk about good times.

Kelly: I also think this thought has not crossed their minds. Maybe at a company fund raiser after a couple of martinis.

Tex: Screw the power, Fight the Hippies. :) BTW Patchouli is not a replacement for deodorant, can anyone please let them know this tiny fact?

Anonymous said...

This logo is one of the ten most recognized logos in the United States, so I think it has done its job.

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