Feb 6, 2008

The Fortune Cookie 500

This is a little project in which I’ll be posting fortune cookie-ish lines when I feel up to it until I get to 500. It’ll be single line posts, there are no set dates for when I will post them and hey, just trying to do something different with my time. I’ll put the date, the topic and the line. I refrained from writing with a thick Asian accent for one main reason though: Fortune Cookies are actually an American concept, go figure. If it sucks then so be it, but hey, for now, hope you enjoy.

Wednesday February 6th

On the creative process

“Thinking you are done will never mean that you are done.”

Ps.: Thanks to Design Crush (http://4designerd.blogspot.com/) for posting a recipe for Fortune Cookies and inspiring this idea of deluded blog grandeur.


Kelly said...

You could be the next Confucius. Better watch out for all the fame and possible fortune to follow.

Thanks for the shout out and twenty-five comments yesterday. It made my 3:00-4:00 hour.

RestrictionsApply said...

"do not confuse urgent with important"...

feel free to use that one.

joker said...

I will, as in now. :"D

joker said...

And thanks for the props kelly. No worries 'bout the shoutout and hey, I'm a blog hog apparently, so it was my pleasure. So thanks to you, really enjoyable piece of bloggery you got going, keep up the good work.

cheers luv

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