Feb 9, 2008

Free Radio!

Nope, we are not giving away free radios. We'd like to but; 1) who listens to radio anymore? 2) we don't have enough dough to do that.

Nah, this is a review on a new sitcom from Vh1 called Free Radio, and today I gave it a shot. Watched the first 20 minutes, put my TiVo on pause and came running to my mac to write about it. It is a cool experiment on improvised comedy, and since we don't have Howard Stern on tv anymore, this comes damn close.

Here's the basic premise. A shock jock has left his morning talk show to go "satellite". The station, not knowing how to deal with this change, leaves the program to a weather girl and a moron intern who has absolutely no clue on what he's doing, and most of all, has NO people skills whatsoever. The "audience" has made this show a hit, most of all because it's a train wreck, and hey, don't we all like it when people suck? Britney Spears, anyone, anyone?

Of course, this is all a joke, the actors are in on it, it is all improvised. The episode I watched had Keifer Sutherland coming in, and Lance, the intern, makes an ass out of himself. Just thinking of all the people that are set to go and get "interviewed", this sure sounds like a tv show worth watching. And since we don't know when our favorite programs will come back, for me it's Heroes and 24... this is a gift from heaven.

Oh Lord... can you hear me? Can you make them cancel Rock of Love and give this program a better time slot? Thank you dude. Oh, and I stopped drinking. Ok. A little bit. But it counts, right?


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