Feb 17, 2008

Great gift idea for people with kids

I saw this a year ago and bought it for my godson. My only reaction? It's been months and he still wants to see the robots plus, seeing the lil' tike shake his toosh to the beat makes even my wretched anngry heart mellow out. Enjoy the clips and if anything, www.animusic.com or check on amazon. Hey, it beats the shit out of Barney, Teletubbies and if you're tired of Backyardigans, it's just another option.


PS.: Be sure to enjoy every little minute animated detail in these clips, the work is phenomenal.


RestrictionsApply said...

Just think that while others were creating that, we were stuck proofreading the legals of some dumb-ass promotion, or getting into a fight with our AE over the use of drop shadow in a layout. Damn!

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