Feb 25, 2008

The healing power of alcohol

As is quite obvious, I haven't had the best of times lately but rather than prolong the pity party, there's something that must be clarified. This past Friday I had way too many bad ideas and powerful intentios running around my system before stepping out for the weekend. Then I went to a place and drank. I was with people releasing tention via a variety of godly nectars ranging from sparkling wine to a good ole fashioned brewsky. Then it hit me, not something sublime, just the alcohol. I didn't get shitfaced but the buzz generated by a couple of glasses of wine and a few beers (I don't care if i should mix, I did and it was delicious), took the edge out of a lot of things, helped me focused and actually spurred me to write the two recent posts I did regarding everything work related and in one brief moment, I really understood why there are so many alcoholics and people dependant on things to stay sane. True, some people take it a bit too far because shooting heroin to relieve the tension is a bit much, but having beers, downing a couple of glasses of wine or toking a prized hooka is not only acceptable but normal. Which gets me thinking... what exactly do we all do when things get too much and we need something alien in our system to help us realize that it's not worth it, well unless you drink too much where slurred dramatics take center stage.

I am quite famous among my friends for filling a hot bath, taking a beer or two and just soaking in my filth for some time while reading, writing, or even listening to an iPod. Then comes the weekend and ideally I'd love to at least smell the ocean, though I would preferably soak in there too. So in one way or another, I'm really good on winding down when it comes to something liquid.

Then you think of the times you've watched movies, written a poem or a blog, eaten chocolate, munched ice-cream, played videogames, had wild sex, had more wild sex, played guitar or whatnot and you realize that in part, we have as abundant a collection of activities as is needed to express ourselves and wind down but this past week, it was the good ole booze. So I'm not saying I'm going to be an alcoholic but at least for this past Friday, a big shout out to Lord Baccus for getting my shit straight. True, sometimes I just need sushi, ribs a medium done steak or some other type of comfort food, but this time, alcohol was the answer.

How 'bout you guys? In which ways do you wind down?


Ps.: No worries, long winded insults shall be soon forthcoming, after all, it was Oscars Night :D

cheers again


Me said...

Hey, I want you to know that I took your advice and also took a drive to one great bar near the beach and drank a whole lot.

It was a great idea.

Hate to admit it, but alcohol does make a day, a week, a month much much better...

matt said...

This may sound a little folksy and Midwestern, but hey, I'm a Midwestern guy.

When I really need to de-stress, I go fishing, preferably to some remote spot that is pleasurably devoid of people.

Fishing, for me, is less about catching fish, and more about the routine- knot-tying, casting, reading the water, drawing on previous experiences to better my current situation. My dad always told me that if you go fishing just to catch fish, you're missing the point.

Oh, and alcohol don't hurt, either.

Thinking In Vain said...

I draw, or take pictures or drive. Those are my positive forms of release. :) Well... I suppose driving isn't the best for the environment these days - but I LOVE it.

The others include large amounts of red wine and cranberr/malibu and chocolate.

RestrictionsApply said...

I take a dip in the pool, or plug in the iPod and crank it to 11. In extreme cases, I fire up the BBQ and grill.

TexanInHippieland said...

Back in Texas, I'd go in the house where the teenagers were and announce to them: "HEY, I'M GOING TO BE NAKED IN THE POOL WITH MY WIFE. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE IT, STAY THE HELL AWAY. That guaranteed our privacy. Then, I'd fire up a fatty, pour her some wine and we'd chill. Now, however, I pretty much just read blogs or play online poker.

purpleplano said...

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Andy 3000 said...

I put myself through university working summers at a brewery, so beer is pretty much equivalent to oxygen for me.

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