Feb 9, 2008

The Impending Storm

In many movies or books, you see that just before some major battle or an explosion there's that one second where everyone knows the shit is going down, or into the fan, or below your foot or... you get the point, something not so fun is going to happen and there's little you can do about it. I'm currently in that pre-hurricane calm and next week is not going to be fun at all. I know bad decisions are going to be made, I know endless slices of pizza are going to be ingested and to make it more funny I know someone is going to bitch because our dinner is too expensive, heaven forbid they pay us one extra hour 'cuz that would just be loony.

Epileptic patients call this the Halo effect. They know the symptoms when something is not quite right and they need to take the necessary precautions regarding their condition because they will have an episode.'

Well I'm having my episode and I know something bad is going to happen, I don't want to go to work, I don't think it's worthwhile, I think it'll be a waste of time and energy.... but that doesn't mean I won't go. That doesn't mean either I'm going to half ass anything. After all, this is not war, this is not an epic struggle, this is not fighting to survive, this is a job... and it's mine to do it. No bullshit, no drama, just suck it up, realize you're blessed to be where you're at, even if it's a shit hole, and plod through.


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