Feb 14, 2008

Sometimes you just get lucky

I bitch. I scream. I fight. I moan. I rant. I cuss….. but I also love. If there’s anything I do 100% it is to love and that’s because of one person. My dear Mrs. Joker, the woman in my life, the girl I’m going to marry, the mother of the children yet to be born, the Jane for this Dick that blogs so much.

To put it bluntly, I’m one lucky bastard. Am I the luckiest man in the world, or the happiest? I don’t know because I don’t need to compare. I feel blissed and blessed. Actually blissed appears as a typo in Microsoft Word and I’m just here to say I feel totally blissed and I if feeling blissed is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right. Some people say they are happy as a pig in shit. Others say that they’re happier than a dog with two tails. There are others still that insist that their joy spawns from deep inside Gaia. I’m just going to say that I don’t need to hug a tree, frolic and romp in feces, have an extra appendage or look for the spiritual essence of Mother Earth. I’m just happy. Undeniably happy. Unequivocally happy. The type of happy that only comes from religious fanaticism or true love and last I checked I was agnostic.

About three years ago I was lucky enough to throw caution to the wind and hit on one of my best friends. Yes it’s a cardinal sin for some, but hey, if you could see her, you’d see why I couldn’t resist. If you need a quote to understand how it was and still is between us, think of “What Women Want” in the scene where Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson are exiting the bar. What do they both agree on?

“I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun making out. Wait a minute, I’ve NEVER had this much fun making out.”

That’s not just because there’s explosive chemistry mind you. It’s only because there is no one I could even design that would better mesh with the mess that is little ole me. Some people say they have the best times at X or Y place and I pity them because I only need to be with My Jokerette to have a great time. Not only can she take the nastiest of my jokes, she’ll quite often say something crude, nasty and cruel that will make me love her that much more because more than any other person I’ve met, she gets me.

In this broken world of decent living and of feeling like my life is being pissed away by insisting on an industry that takes way more than it gives (at least for me), she’s one of three things that help me keep my shit together. The woman I call boobookins or any other number of oh so unmanly pet names also offers me everything I need to be satisfied and please don’t think in sexual terms. This Gift from the Heavens has a way of getting me to smile even in the most daunting of moments or when I’m borderline depressed. She’s my ray of sunlight when I feel like a ship astray Mid-Atlantic getting blasted by three converging storms. She is the reason I’m not totally out of it regarding politics, world news, current events and business trends. She can comfort me with conversation, with a word, with a look or just by rubbing my chest like some silly gorilla. She has drive and is never satisfied and I love that. She wants the best for me, for her, for us, and for the ones we love. She is the perfect hybrid of hot and cute and to my entire palette of senses, she is simply delicious.

So yes, I’m one lucky bastard. I know I’m not the only one feeling that way but if anything, I have to simply say that she elevates my spirits to feel as if I’m the only thing that truly matters in this world, and when you find that, you’ve struck gold. I also don’t mind that every time I see her and hold her or kiss her sweet lips, I feel like I’m winning the lottery over and over and over… except this doesn’t get old. The only thing that will get old is us and trust me, there’s no one else I could think of having as a partner in this life so we can see time leave its eroding mark on everything except our love. People always have to ask us how long we’ve been going out and when we say it’s been years, they are normally puzzled since people seem to think we’re still in that puppy phase. If that’s the case, then arf-arf baby, this dog is here to stay and I promise not to hump your leg…. Too much.

With love, admiration, dedication, perspiration and adoration

That horny bastard from the Logics Course that loves you to no end.

Cheers my love

There's no one I'd rather laugh with and make laugh in this wonderful ride we call life.


Thinking In Vain said...

Congratulations. :)

That's all I got.

Kelly said...

that's the best "love" message i've read this V-Day. hope you and your lady have a great one.

TexanInHippieland said...

Damn, Joker... except for you being a boxing fan, you may be right... we MAY HAVE been separated at birth.

Have a great V-Day. And what a perfect graphic for your post!

Me said...

No chocolate or roses can win over such wonderful words. I sure know she'll love it.

Much muaks to you both on this day... Send her my love.

RestrictionsApply said...

Nothing better than being with Mrs. Right.

Mrs. Joker said...

I love you more than you could ever imagine!!!! Thanks for the happy tears and for making me the happiest woman alive. I'm glad our lives turned out the way they did, for who would've known that "horny" guy from class would end up mine. I love you, can't stress it enough, and I can't wait for the rest of our lives together.

With Kisses, Hugs, kinky stuff, and all the love that I can give to you,

Your Mrs. Joker

joker said...

TIV: That's all I need. Thanks hun and happy Vday once again.

Kelly: I owe you some Valentine stories I'll post soon on your Vday post but thanks for the comment, the kudos and the continued great finds. I'm a little behind because this week has blown but I'll be with you shortly, commenting on every bit of posted goodness you offer.

Ben/Tex: Hey no one is perfect. I thought the same for the graphic and if there's anything I can say about you even if we hardly know each other: kin is kin and I know kin when I see it. All the best for you.

Me: My sweet darling friend. I could get all sappy but I'll sum it up real quick for you, you are spectacular. My best to you sweet sister. We might not share parents, but you're like blood to me ;)

Restrictions: It's Mrs. Right for me. You can't ask for more and you're so right. My best to you as well.

To the spectacular woman I call my own: you complete me. Not a quote from a sappy movie, just what you are to me.

kelly said...

cheers all the way from malaysia!!
sweet and really impressive.
bless you all.

joker said...

My thanks to you as well Malaysian Kelly lol. :) Take care and hey, if you need any help deciding a major, just read the blog so you don't end up on the same boat lol. cheers dear

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