Feb 6, 2008

A St. Valentines Experiment: LOVE.

February. Month of one thing only: get laid. Ok, fine. Besides the fact that come Feb. 14 is "You will get laid fo' sho'" day, it is also a month when you celebrate loving someone or loving something. The usual stuff will be bought like crazy. Chocolates (be careful, calories, calories), flowers, champagne... plastic dongers (be creative, people)... But here I am thinking: we bitch almost every single day about our work. Here at WAS it's a national sport. Our sole mission is point out the worst things about what we do, but not because we are angry most of the times, I honestly think it's so that somewhere, inside some ad agency, one CEO, one CD, one AE, one creative... reads this and thinks: maybe those guys have a point and we should change this or that to make our jobs easier. Granted, I still haven't heard from one person that has said something changed for the better, but hey, we can still have hope, right? Damn, I still have high hopes that some Sicilian millionaire will take me away to live somewhere cool, buy me loads of shoes and bang the shit out of me on a daily basis...

Um. Where was I? Oh, the experiment.

So here's a challenge to all our WAS readers and writers. You have until February 14 to think up of things you LOVE about working in advertising. It can be anything you want. You can name only one thing, five, ten. A hundred. (Hey if you can list a 100 things you love, you must be a CEO) Just think about it and post your list at the comment box.

My list goes as this:

1) I love doing a decent ad.
Not great. Not fucking awesome. Just a good ad. Those ads that people notice and call you back and say, good work. Those ads that you know that won't get a prize, ever, but you know deep in your heart that you didn't have to read Archive or Communication Arts to get inspiration. That ad that made your client sell a little bit more. That kind.

2) Team work - from your friends.
It can be anything. Don't have a logo and don't want to retrace it? Friends. Not sure if you're making a typo? Friends. Don't know the correct size for a full page ad for this particular magazine that you have never heard of? Yup, your friends will back you up. The same goes back to them. I have sent quite a few logos that I have traced, given measurements for almost everything, including vibrating things (just kidding... or am I?), helped out on calming anger caused by stupid client changes... Being there and having that backup sure makes everything a little more easy to deal with.

3) I can escape or bail out anyone.
This is almost the best thing ever. Don't like your agency? Only in advertising have I seen so much dedication from people when looking for another job. With help, again from good friends, I have given a FUCK OFF to the ugliest places ever and moved on to greener pastures. And I am always there for my friends when they need to get the hell out of where they are fast. I call. I write. I buy beer for higher ups just so that a friend has a decent shot of getting an interview. I never let my friends drive when they drink, and I sure don't let my friends stay where they don't want to.

4) Beer. Tequila. Whiskey. Kareoke.
Happy Advertising hour, anyone? Ok apart from getting free booze once in a while and not having to pay for it, trust me, I love ad parties for only one thing: I can see people humiliate themselves at the kareoke machine. American Idol has nothing on those kinds of nights.

5) THE BEST THING EVER: The people I've met and worked with.
There are some moments in life when you meet people that you know they will be forever in your life, and for a good reason. Deleting ugly, egomaniac idiots that you are bound to know and consider them homo sapiens that happen to work where you are, only in advertising I have met incredible human beings. The kind that stay in contact, share your daily life far beyond talking about your daily typo or some other stupid thing. They become family. Not all do that, just some. But those who do... whoa.

So there it is. That's my list. I know that my I hate working on this shit list is waaaaaaaay more long, but since tonight I'm feeling the love, I'll leave it at that.

Happy St. Valentines day, people. May you get laid in more ways than in the Kama Sutra.


joker said...

Ok my lucky # is 4 so four reasons why I love my job.

1. The twisted people I get to work with. Only in advertising could I find the exact right balance of people with a warped twisted sense of humor to match mine or to at least appreciate my sick humor. :D

2. Having a place where the vast bullshit horde I have stored within my head can be useful for something.

3. Hearing someone who doesn't know you worked on something talking about your ad. So I'm conceited and love a professional ego stroke, sue me. :D

4. Even though we can sometimes get bored with the same shit after a while, our average same shit days are endlessly more fascinating than the vast majority of other office personnel.

TexanInHippieland said...

Top 5 Great Things About Working In Advertising.

#5 When someone remembers an ad you did. Yes, we're all dying for ego boosts.

#4 Good money. Yes, I know, it's relative. And some creatives make more than others. But, seriously, even if you're on the low side, it's still pretty good coin.

#3 That kickass feeling I used to get when I'd do a good ad and then I'd present it (to bosses or clients) and get praise for my efforts.

#2 Most of the people you work with are like you. Similar interests, similar intelligence levels... it makes socializing with your peers easier. I made some of my best friends in the world while working with them... at ad agencies.

#1 Without a doubt, the BEST thing about advertising is that I met my wife while working at an ad agency. We were both smokers then (thankfully, not anymore) and met while outside on a smoke break. She worked in media. I was a copywriter. Covert stairwell meetings were fun.

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll.

(Great idea for a post)

Valarie said...

I have to say that I love having a job where I continually crack myself up. Writing something that will never be used because it is too 'out there' or wont make sense standing alone; but is still hilarious.

I love the tiny perks that come with the job. Who else gets to rub elbows with the local celebs, or stand on the private roof of the presidential library staring out over downtown?

And mostly, I love that I am not folding T-shirts. (Not that I folded T-shirts, but I made a lot of teens fold T-shirts, and that sucked enough).

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