Feb 19, 2008

To my two Penguins.

I usually try to stray away from sappy emotional posts - but tonight I honestly can't. So please, if you don't want to go there with me, just click close on your window. I just need to do this.

In life you meet many people. Some you hope to God to not see ever again. Some, you just know they are there and you don't give it another thought. But sometimes, if you are lucky, you get to meet incredible, awesome, inspiring people. Then, as a gift from somewhere nice and cuddly, they become more than your friends. They become family.

These past few days have been rough. Loads of work and some other bullshit that life wants to throw your way, I guess. In those moments, all I can think of is... penguins. The hard bitter cold comes washing in, and the only way to survive is by huddling up together. You might think it's nature, I call it logic. We all need some sort of support to survive sometimes. We cannot do it alone. So we huddle as close as we can. Together we stand, right?

I just want to celebrate my little huddle, if you let me. This past days have been cold as hell. And I've had two great people to huddle with, only if it is via email, via telephone, via IM... but we're still here, close, holding each other up. And tonight I just wanted to say thank you and to let those two lovely people know how much I care and respect them. It makes me so happy to know that they can call me whenever they need me, and I can do the same. Not talk much. Talk a lot. Listen a lot. Make jokes. Talk serious. Give hope. Get reassurance.

Also, a surprise. I have known people for years. Many have let me down at some point. A few have not. I can count my true friends with just one hand, and still I think I'd have fingers to spare. But the amazement comes in when I think that I have known those two penguins for only a little while... and they have been there for me, and vice versa, as like we have known each other from birth. Weird. Weird.

So we huddle. Huddle. Huddle. We'll survive, we'll get better... we will even laugh about it at some point in the future.

So. My deepest thank you to my Joker and Ms. Joker. I am forever grateful that life gave me a chance to meet you both.

And trust me. I'm always here. And I will always, always remain by your side.

And to all other readers, I just hope, honestly, that you get to meet some people as half as great as these guys. Your life forever will be changed. Why? Yup, Beatles again.

"And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make."

Los adoro.


joker said...

I could say I love you sis, you mean the world to me and that I owe you a lot as well. I could also say that knowing you gives me faith that good people still exist and that one can come across them in this life. I could also say I'm going to work to make millions to buy you lots of sicilian manwhores. I could say that you've been there for me as well and that I give as good as I get and that real friends are the only friends but I'll limit myself to smile, dry a tear or two and say in Penguin Talk.


Which would loosely translate to I love you sis. Wait a minute, I said I wasn't going to say that. Oh well.

Cheers my sister from another mother (who give a shit if it doesn't rhyme)

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