Mar 9, 2008

3 out of 4 Joker's Boxing Corner

Clarification: this will be a post dealing with a mix of boxing and mixed martial arts topics.

First on the list, The Former World's Most Dangerous man, Ken Shamrock. Tonight was a showcase called Cage Rage broadcasting from England. Ken Shamrock at 44 was part of the main event... I'm not bashing anyone because of their age but when it comes to full contact sports, you always raise an eyebrow at the combatant because this is not a fresh 44, this is a 44 where long battles and repeated blows have been offered. Evander Hollyfield is way past 40 and still fighting and some people question that. Glen Johnson is a Light Heavyweight past 40 and BErnard Hopkins is past 40 as well and no one has any problems with either because not only are they in good shape, they're competitive. Shamrock pretty much got knocked out by a jab tonight. True, I didn't receive the shot so I don't know how hard it was, but again, for the world's most dangerous man to get knocked out by one solid jab leaves a lot to say and I just don't want to see a hall of famer get hurt for being too proud to know when to hang up the gloves.

Second on the list, are we ever going to get a solid heavyweight again? Tonight Sam Peter won against MAskaev in emphatic fashion but I'm not jumping for joy to see the Nigerian Nightmare fight again. I was entertained yes, but I wasn't enthraled like Marquez - Vazquez or Taylor - Pavlik. What this means is that heavyweights suck about as hard as a hoover with a power overload. Don't believe me? Then try to stay awake through Wladimir Klitschkos fight against Sultan Ibragimov.

Third on the List: Experience counts in lots of places. Juan Diaz learned that a good cutman is a hard thing to know you need when you have a two inch gouge over your left eye and fans learned that a bilingual announcer isn't that great an idea.

Fourth: Open scoring breaks the pace of the action and distracts fighters, feel free to never use it again.

Fifth: Elite XC has proven once again that they have some of the worst announcing ever to grace any sport while still offering up some solid fights.


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