Mar 9, 2008

4 out of 4 Joker's Boxing Corner

Saturday March 15. Mark this down on your calendar as the rematch to Manny Pacquiao VS Juan Manuel Marquez will occur. This is the fight I'm most looking forward to in 2008.

Four years ago, fight fans were able to see why I say Juan Manuel Marquez is my favorite fighter. He's been recognized as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world and his fighting style is described as a boxer puncher. Ok so what's so special about this guy that I'd even begin to say something like he's my favorite fighter. The first time Marquez faced Pacquiao in '04, Marquez didn't have the best first round. He pretty much got his nose mashed up and got knocked down three times and almost had the fight stopped. But he got up, blew blood and snot from his nose and said, ok, lets see if we can forget about that little slip up. how the hell he didn't get rattled was beyond me, that he almost pulled the greatest boxing comeback I think anyonw could write up showed he's world class. For at least 9 of the remaining 11 rounds, Marquez dominated Manny Pacquiao in a way that's never been repeated. Erik Morales beat Manny the first time around though Pacquiao would get two victories to avenge that loss. But if you didn't see those fights, take it from someone who did, they were a hell of a lot closer than Marquez VS Pacquiao 1.

To Pacquiao's credit, he's an explosive exciting fighter giving high quality pride to the Philippines and with good reason. He's a hell of a boxer, he's pretty much the MExican Legend killer in the sense that he KO'd Marco Antonio Barrera AND Erik Morales and almost knocked out Juan Manuel Marquez. He doesn't like leaving things to the judges and to deny his talent, his tenacity or the fact that at his weight, he's probably one of the hardest hitters pound-for-pound in the sport would be pure stupidity. Like Marquez VS Vazquez though, I'm faced with the prospect of two elite fighters with a lot of pride and just as much skill going toe to toe.

In Showtime Championship Boxing they gives the pros of each fighter and their respective keys to victories courtesy of Al Bernstein and here are mine for this matchup.

For Manny Pacquiao:

1.) Feint with the left and land the right hook.

Marquez got floored with the left hand three times in the first fight, but after the first round, he knew what was coming. You can't expect to beat this guy with one punch and he's been working on the right hook for a while so he should use it.

2.) Mix your attack and when you're ready, attack.

Pacquiao's money punch is the straight left hand down the middle. He's knocked people out easily with this punch but unfortunately, Marquez doesn't like staying down and he learned a thing or two, but if you mix things up and then throw and connect your money punch, good things will happen for you.

3.) Do not get over confident.

No matter what you've accomplished in any round don't let up and do not count your opponent out. He trains at 16,000 feet so you know he has stamina.

For Juan Manuel Marquez:

1.) Timing is key.

Manny Pacquiao hits hard, but after a shot he's open for something. Marquez knows every punch ever thought of by a fighter and he needs to use these skills to make openings and connect where others won't.

2.) Uppercuts will get you the upper hand

Manny isn't used to people throwing the uppercut and it showed in the first fight. Manny just doesn't defend well against this punch and Marquez needs to know when to throw it and make any mistake by Manny cost him.

3.) Counter and you shall succeed.

Marquez is a master counter puncher and I can't say this enough. His straight right, his left hook, his left or right upper and his body shots can be devastating and he will probably connect with them at some point or another.

4.) Look for the left hand.

You don't need a fourth knockdown man.

So next Saturday, please, please, please; if you like boxing DO NOT MISS OUT on Juan Manuel Marquez VS Manny Pacquiao II. My money is on my sentimental favorite this time but it's boxing, ANYTHING can happen..... even a second draw.



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