Mar 3, 2008

Diablo Cody rocks.

What a wonderful movie, dammit. This weekend I saw Juno and... whoa. For those of you out there who think this is a chick movie, trust me you are wrong.

The basics? Well, our friend Juno is bored one day and decides to have sex with her best friend, Bleeker. (Who hasn't?) What seemed to be just a one night thing, out of curiosity... ends up being a 9 month "situation". Of course, she has to tell the parents. She has to endure the long stares at high school. But this is not the problem. It is a bit more complicated than that.

It is the story of a young girl trying to find good in a very bad situation. At that age, we are all trying to find out who we are. Add to that a baby coming... and life gets interesting, to say the least. Ellen Page is simply amazing. She nails it, big time. In fact, every single actor in this movie is superb. Yes, I wrote superb, so sue me. Even the damn music is spot on.

But the most amazing thing about this movie is the amazing script. It is so great when you watch a movie and you can believe every single line. Diablo Cody wrote the shit out of it, I kid you not. I can compare it to Woody Allen, Tarantino or Kevin Smith's scripts. Totally believable, spoken like the real thing.

I was the first one that was a bit skeptical. I sat down thinking... this is going to blow. Coming from a person who loves gore, blood and violence, I had to watch because I promised my mom I would. You know... I love my mom and if she needs me to see a sappy movie with her, dammit I will sit down and smile, even if I end up sleeping during the whole thing. Seconds after the movie started, I was laughing my ass off. The one thing that this movie is not is sappy.

So please, meet Juno. She is a wonderful kid.


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