Mar 21, 2008

I hope you die scumfuck

Guillermo Habacuc Vargas

Remember that name. Why? You ask. Who the hell is this? You might also ask. Well it turns out that TV is not the only stage for tasteless, moronic and barbaric acts. Seems some shithead art student got a fantastic idea while snorting crushed roofies off the would be tits of some douche bag cunt that feeds the ego of some self important asshole that just so happens to be an "artist".

But what did he do? Well since art is so edgy and magnificent and always a bullshit excuse to push the envelope, some foreskin lint of a person decided it would be a great idea to not only take a dog off the street but to tie it up to a corner of an art exhibit so people could watch while the victim in question, ( I give two fucks if anyeone thinks I'm a tree hugger for calling a dog a victim ) STARVES to death while people watch.

Lets go through that again, some poor excuse for a human that was probably spawned by a mixture of toe jam, foot grime and semen after his mother gave his dad a footjob for $3, took a dog from the street, paid some schmuck to help him catch the dog, tied him up in an exhibit and let him die through starvation....... and he video taped it.

Ok, if anyone needed any reason to know why I sometimes think humanity is just too fucked for its own good, this is one of those reasons. Shit, this competes with burning women for being "witches", child slavery, organ theft and any of the garden variety type of genocide in terms of inhumane, stupid, selfish, degrading and pitiful acts ever commited by a human, but oh, I've crossed a line, this is art.

Why not have an exhibit called daddy dearest where the father of a five year old rapes a child in front of a public every three hours for $25 a pop and lets call it performance art. But joker, you're talking about a little girl. Yes and he's talking about a poor mut that was given one of the worst deaths any living being can endure. And all for an audience, for exposure, for fame and for the sake of art.

I've read of people putting paint into their asshole and shitting on a canvas and can honestly say, that's not only tasteful but godly in comparison to what this fuckwad commited. Want to know the worst part? It's possible this cock bunny actually gave ideas to other "aspiring artists" and as if it wasn't bad enough, an Art Institute from some place where fucking monkeys is apparently kosher are asking this dick pod to do it again............................ What the fuck? honestly, where's Ted Nugent when you need him? That way we could make a new exhibit, the slow painful impalement of Guillermo suck my balls.

I mean the nerve of him to not only do this shit but for people to condone and promote such a level of base inhumanity. Trust me, I know I'm a fucking bleeding heart when it comes to animals, but does that make this less of a fuckup by society to let this shit head get away with something so shitty?

I dunno..... but if I ever wondered if anything was worth hiring a hitman for, I think I just found my cause. By all means, don't spit in this guys face, just press the accelerator. There's a video online, if you want, look it up, I know I don't want to because a friend of mine did, and I don't need to give even ONE hit to this shit head, but hey, there's free will for a reason and if you're curious, look it up on youtube.

If however, you'd like to read a petition (it's in spanish though) and sign it, feel free to click here



Thinking In Vain said...

I was going to post a nice, intelligent comment about how much crap stuff like this is, but I'm too disgusted and I don't want to think about this.


Lucila said...

During my time in art school... fuckers like that made me hate "fin arts". Without blinking I chose my mayor in illustration and rolled my eyes toward the fine art dept. and it's student body. Why? Because almost all of them where full of shit. I had to walk around campus and encounter junk all over the place and they had the balls to call it "instalations".

Like in God's name, art also has been given a bad name with scumbags like that. What enrages me more is WHAT THE FUCK DID THE PEOPLE THERE DO TO STOP IT???? NOTHING!!! And now all we can do is just sign a petition???!!! Where is PETA and the crazy throwing paint people??? Since I believe in Heaven and Hell, I know as a fact that he going to Hell via Fed Ex... pendejo de mierda.

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