Mar 12, 2008

Some people fold....

Often times people say life is a game and when you think about it, there's a point to be made if you really look at life like a real game. Lets take poker or any Casino card game.

First off, there are rules. You choose to abide by them or not. You try and find the place with the correct stakes or set of rules that suits your style of "playing" best and you play to win even though you know the house is looking to fuck you over, much like the companies we work for.

Second, there's the croupier offering you a fake smile and bullshit to see if you'll land at the table. Hell, even while getting shafted they can sometimes even start up nice conversation to get you to feel comfortable enough to keep losing cash or get you to risk that which you've already earned. This would be the CD, the CEO or the HR manager that sells you the bullshit that life in this agency is beautiful, everything is perfect, everyone loves each other, money flows in bunches and you'll be guaranteed to not get cancer if you work for them. It's the hooker proposition but in a different context since you're going to be the one getting screwed.

Third, if you work in Creative there are people that will try and look at your cards. There's also the ample variety of assholes that smooth out everything with a husky voice, some style and some clever tactics to palm a card, swipe a chip or any other of an array of sleazy tactics.

Fourth, if you succeed there will always be hangers on. No matter the context I think this is universal in that sense. Do good and you'll have a bunch of friends. Get screwed and see if you can even get a ride home.

Fifth, if you have a group that gets along together, you can actually fuck the house for a lot more than they'd like. It's not often you see this in a professional context and it's not often you see it at a poker table either.

Sixth, everyone has tells. Look closely and you know when someone is trying to bullshit you. Learn to read people's bluffs and you know when to push, when to hold and when to toss your cards and cut your losses.

Seventh, you can get free booze and food at a Casino, but it will probably suck. Same goes for companies. Stay late enough and you'll get beer nuts laced with germs from people who don't wash their hands when they exit the bathroom. Delish.

Eighth, the more you play, the more you learn.

Ninth, it's the same deck of cards for everyone and it's a different game every time.

Tenth, it's no good just being good.You need to be good in your own way. You need to be able to win big and be able to handle losing big. Otherwise you can make an earning but it'll take you forever.

I'm actually not a big poker player myself. I've watched some of the tournaments on cable and have actually enjoyed what some people do sometimes. But there is one thing I'm overly clear on, when you get a good hand, you play to win. I've had some interesting cards dealt lately and I'm betting on me because though I'm not a big player, I'm also not a fan of folding.



RestrictionsApply said...

Shuffle up and deal, bro! You're officially invited to my next poker night

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