Mar 14, 2008

Victory is how you say..... sweet?

Day in and day out I think of things that piss me off about advertising to exorcize a wide variety of demons that would happily do away with people who for lack of a better word, SUCK. I've seen fire, I've seen rain and I've seen enough stupid to fill a planet and call it Dumbolopolis, Dipshiteous or simply Douché. Long nights have been had and for the past two years I've had way too much writing material to say the least. I've gotten tired, sick, frustrated and more than once I've had to visibly drag myself to work. But you know that saying about that there's light at the end of the tunnel (not when you die, just in life), well it might just be true.

I've gone through way too many pounds of pizza and cheap Chinese takeout. I've worked extra hours, been forced to do campaigns in two days and haven't been shown appreciation by some people who want to justify every lack of tact and humanity on stress and an affected economic situation, which to me doesn't make insulting people or unappreciating those that earn you millions any less important. The worst of it all, I've worried people that love me and though I appreciate the concern I hate being any type of burden, even more so when it is work inspired.

So my friends, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I'm happy to report that I'm saying goodbye to my current hellhole.

There will be more posts about this later because I think it's an experience that radically affects our emotions and what better excuse to draft a long winded rant than quitting your job? But I stray from the point.

I'm writing to make a few clarifications. Often times we say that only a handful of people give a real shit about us and that we only have a small clique (didn't do a typo this time) of people that care for us. Well the last three weeks are hardcore evidence that said statement is not necessarily true. Not to sound lame or anything, but I've honestly felt the love of people who have worried, who have gone beyond the call of duty and have truly showed that they are not paper friends.

To my Madame Joker: you are the reason I plow through anything. You inspire me and have shown me that it's ok to have a breakdown because I have you to hold me up.

To my mother (who's probably never going to read this but has to be written all the same): you gave me life and one of the missions in my life is to make you proud every day.

To Me: in another life we were siamese twins and I say this because if I had to wipe your ass to help out, I would. You've helped me tackle some tough shit in my life and though you insist you still owe me, I beg to disagree and you are family Corleone style.

To Restrictions: Don't think I don't know your participation. I might say you are wise in the ways of the Jedi, but my appreciation for you goes way beyond what I express normally. I just don't want to go all gay on you.

To Travis: I stuck it to the man / I fought the power / you my boy BLUEEE.

To my coworkers: Some of you know I write here, many don't but I've grown to love and trust you. Obviously there is an exception to every rule and to every team, but every person who has backed me up here is not only because there is professional respect and courtesy, it's because you ma boys and I couldn't be prouder of what we were able to accomplish in this hellhole.

To each and every person who has written, to each and every person who has read, to each and every person who relates to us: The cathartic effect of writing the poisons that taint our soil would not be as effective as it is if you didn't get a crack out of what we bitched about. Every link, every comment, every email and every smile we provoke makes a difference and the satisfaction I receive from this blog makes anything I've achieved in advertising pale in comparison.

Obviuosly I'll keep writing, it's not like I won the lottery, and even then I'd probably find something worthy to bitch about so no worries. My best to you all, and stay tuned for some other interesting posts related to this oh so glorious fucking boner provoking day.



Thinking In Vain said...

Congratulations! :D

Me said...

I'm very proud of you. Very much so.

I guess today is a day of goodbyes...

youknowwho said...

Congrats, my friend.

In a semi-related story... I have an interview this afternoon at a real agency! Perhaps I will be a shovel salesman for only a short time longer.

Anonymous said...

congrats from anon

RestrictionsApply said...

A big step indeed, and you know we've got your back...

writer said...

Congratulations, Mr Joker Man.

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