Mar 12, 2008

WAY Beyond the Top 40: Asian Kung-fu Generation

I always enjoy listening to random rock bands from around the world and to start off this new mini segment, I wanted to go above and beyond the call of duty and put a band that should give y'all a great what the fuck moment. If you've ever doubted that there are great bands outside of the US and Great Britain, then this should be quite an eye opener.

Asian Kung-fu Generation is a pretty young band from Japan. If you can get past the language barrier and focus on the music, then you might actually find something new to add to your iPod. Here are three videos that will probably be blocked in a few days but feel free to look them up in Youtube since this is a band I really think a lot of people could get into.

They get a four out of four stars and I'm looking forward to listening to more from these guys and actually hope they can get a not-so-little cult following stateside. Wishful thinking? Probably, but they still kick ass and not just Japanese ass at that.


Loop & Loop


Blue Train



Anonymous said...

they had a US release but Tofu Records went out of business in 2007 if i remember right. -.-()

joker said...

Bummer. Still hopeful they'll be able to get some more stateside exposure. Thanks for the 411 and it would be great to know of a way to get their albums without having to pay $40 for each lol. Oh well. Cheers

Anonymous said...
some j-bands playing at SXSW march 14 & 15.

Ketchup Mania (Tokyo, Japan) 1 AM
Petty Booka (Tokyo, Japan) 12 AM
Detroit7 (Tokyo, Japan) 11 PM
Quartz-head 02 (Tokyo, Japan) 10 PM
Avengers in Sci-Fi (Tokyo, Japan)
9 PM
Sodopp (Kagoshima, Japan) 8 PM


The Pillows (Tokyo, Japan) 1 AM
The Emeralds (Yokohama, Japan) 12 AM
Damage (Osaka, Japan) 11 PM
Toddle (Tokyo, Japan) 10 PM
KbN (Taipei, Taiwan) 9 PM
Maki Rinka (Osaka, Japan) 8 PM

Anonymous said...

Hmm, but I thought they did have a cult? I mean, there was enough people to rally Tofu Records to actually SELL Sol-fa in the U.S.

So there's been something already? They are somewhat young (I mean, they are all around 29-30 years old), but yeah, they work as a band.

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