Mar 5, 2008

The Wisest Woman I will ever meet.

For reasons that are obvious, I cannot put a picture of my grandma here at WAS. Not that you would ever meet her in real person and say "Hey you're Me's Grandma, tell me who she is in real life", but to protect myself I can't. But I wish I could. She is beautiful. In fact, when she was a bit younger, she looked like Rita Hayworth. And this is not, kind of look like her... She really did. Now, of course, as time has gone by, she is still beautiful, but in a more grandma-ish sort of way.

Today, something reminded me of that phrase I keep writing about, over and over again, which by now you will be thinking... Here goes Me again quoting her grandma with that bullshit thing about being ok. Well, go suck a ball, today was proof of one thing and one thing only: my grandma is the wisest woman - um, apart from my mother, which kicks total ass - that I will ever meet.

Yeah. You know the line that my sweet grandma told me years ago: sometime you will look back at your life, remember a problem that you thought it was impossible to solve, and you will laugh about it.

Again and again, it happens. And today I received a call that made me so happy that I needed to celebrate. I cannot tell you why I am celebrating, this will come later in a post. Besides, it creates a bit of suspense... what could it be? You'll see.

But yes, I need to celebrate that my grandma was right. At the end, some people I know, laughed at the end. It was hard. It was difficult. It was scary. Made you think of the worst. Made us feel concerned, made us want to be there just in case the story didn't have a Hollywood ending.

What my grandma wants out of all os us, well... screw you it's my granny, so it's me, me, me... (just kidding), is that we all have to be strong, and to realize that we have the power to overcome anything. If you think that you cannot solve a problem, then probably you won't. By surrendering, you let life win. No way man, impossible. We can overcome anything.

So... to the person who had a problem and didn't sleep for a couple of days, some little penguin told me everything is ok. I told you by way of old Chaplin, smile. I hope you are doing it right now.

For the other person, which I can't really write anything here because you will know soon enough... I am so proud of you.

And to grandma... Te amo. Mucho. Eres la mujer más increíble del mundo y es un orgullo ser parte de ti.

Sorry. I had to speak from the heart... (but since she shines, she already knows I'm writing this...)


levohs namselas said...

Indeed I am smiling. When you experience pitch black, blue skies are that much bluer. BTW, you and the penguin both rock excessively.

RestrictionsApply said...

Did you Rita was married to Orson Welles? He drove her crazy, literally!

Me said...

Well, my grandpa lives with her Rita and isn't going crazy... But Orson was one difficult man, for what I've heard.

Difficult meaning asshole...

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