Jun 26, 2008

Bummer Fridays

If ever the illusion that we have freedom is apparent it’s in two seasons of the year: Christmas time for obvious reasons and summertime. Depending on the agency you work for and the level to which they want to splurge money, waste time or promote debauchery, you will be able to enjoy some key benefits that are supposed to not make advertising suck so much. Then again, some of the perks we get to enjoy are so retarded we might as well be in pre-school switching lunchboxes with co-workers.

So here’s the nitty of the gritty of the summer, you can get time off, free drinks, or wardrobe benefits. The first two I generously welcome any chance I can get while the last one has me scratching my head regarding who came up with the brilliant idea. You see, if you work in advertising and lets say you’re a creative you are already lax enough to not give a fuck about what you are and are not allowed to wear as my artist’s hooray for boobies shirt clearly demonstrate and let us not get into what I wear to the office, lets just say some days people insist I’m Special Ed Special.

Ok first we said time off. Summer Fridays can be awesome because if you work at the right agency you might get off work at 1:00 PM I shit you not. Then again, if you have my luck, you will land in the situation where some fuckwad client finds out about this and sends revisions throughout the day because if they can’t get off from work, they’ll screw up anyone’s chances of doing so. By the way, voodoo didn’t work but it was rather therapeutic.

Then you have free drinks. Last I checked if you drink and you get offered free happy juice at 3:00 PM you will only have one question on your mind. “Why can’t it be summer Fridays every day.” True I’ve seen funny messups after a person had their third mimosa, mai thai and/or beer, but it’s all in good fun unless you happen to be a liver and if that’s the case, tell me how you are able to read this blog and would you let me interview you?

That’s two frees to start off and what do we finish with? Being able to come in bermuda shorts to the office…. You know that feeling when a kid come sin fifth and they give him some sadly cropped ribbon saying fifth place? That’s what it feels like to be told that you are allowed to bring bermuda’s to the office to see exactly how well frozen shins and my pathetically thin ankles look. I hadn’t had Bermuda Fridays since 6th grade and I think it’s for one very important reason, namely having grown out of that phase of life where I jumped for joy at being able to wear something that isn’t a uniform… though I hardly think my fuck you shirts classify as a uniform, but I’m sure other disgruntled copywriters might disagree.

So if you happen to be an office administrator, take it from a grunt in the ranks, a peon in the first row of a chess board and otherwise an expendable asset of a company, give me booze and free time, the sexy ankle shots I can get you for a small fee.



adhack said...

Here at CosmoDemonic we have NO summer Fridays and NO free cocktails!

And I sit under the AC vent.


Joker said...

Ah crappppp.... But have you worked some place where you have?

Anonymous said...

with all the bloody overtime I have to put in, they BETTER give me free booze.

RestrictionsApply said...

Where I work, we get four Fridays where we can take off at 1:00pm... on the condition that your shit is in order. Of course, that means most people don't actually leave until 3:30, but hey, that sure beats staying in till 7:45...

adhack said...

I once worked for an agency that had summer hours. One year we had half-day Fridays and the next year we had every-other Friday off. The day off was better, because half-days usually turned into full-days for the creatives.

Of course that same agency had creatives "on-call" during busy weekends.

Thinking In Vain said...

I want summer Fridays and free cocktails.


Although, I leave regularly at 5:30 so I guess I shouldn't complain.

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